DC Quake Rattles and Rolls During “LIVE” Real News Interview

http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealNews – Paul Jay displays ice in his veins as the Washington DC earthquake shakes rattles and rolls through his live interv…

20 comments to DC Quake Rattles and Rolls During “LIVE” Real News Interview

  • Alisha Hudson  says:

    the look on her face it look like all her? education left her thought when it stated to shake

  • P1MPIN100  says:

    0:24 to 0:32 girls reaction to 2 girls 1 cup.?

  • squeapler  says:

    People in DC freaked out because, unless they spent time on the West Coast or somewhere that has earthquakes frequently, they aren’t really well versed in “what to do if you have an earthquake.” Also, a lot of people may have thought it could be a terrorist attack instead. ?

  • swampzoid  says:

    the bald man was smart to recognize it was an? earthquake and not over react but the lady being interviewed was taken aback.

  • StevenShields29  says:

    Boy, that Jew-hating guy looked? real surprised. A message, perhaps? But the bald guy seemed to not be surprised at all.

  • dicf21  says:


  • hebneh  says:

    The woman’s expression when she realizes what’s going on – her eyes go wide, and? they kind of match the reflection of the lights on her glasses.

  • TheFreeforall10101  says:

    I loved the? day after tomorrow

  • tedtug  says:

    amazing how they have a picture? of a quake’s aftermath in the background and a quake hits

  • NevadaWPFan  says:

    Why did people? need to leave? It was a minor earthquake. No reason to stop the news.

  • suttoncar  says:

    This reminds me of “The Day After? Tomorrow.”

  • waingro hernandez  says:


  • TONYA ROMAN  says:

    i? know right what if it would have killed someone hmmmmmmm

  • skylilly1  says:

    dude, just because you’re the host doesn’t give you? the right to tell people “just keep on taping”, safety first. I would have left immediately.

  • julius923  says:

    How can you keep filming after you turn the? cameras off?

  • DS DSA  says:

    hes acting like hes cool,? pussy ur shook

  • VirusWire10  says:

    There was an earthquake a couple of days ago around my place.? 4.2!

  • djwestbrook36  says:

    allright thanks?

  • BookishBirdy  says:

    He’s like, yeah, it’s an earthquake, da fuck you want me to do? ? gangsta

  • David C. Baker  says:

    Due? that is one cool, calm, and collected journalist. That’s professionalism!

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