Daily Video vocabulary – Free English lessons – English lesson 95 – Impromptu. Vocabulary & Grammar lessons to speak fluent English – ESL

Daily Video Vocabulary Episode 95 : Impromptu Sometimes There are certain things that you without any prior planning. The word impromptu basically means to do something without planning or organizing in advance. Something that you without any rehearsals or preparation, is an impromptu act. If you take spontaneous decisions or make remarks without thinking too much, you are impromptu. The word impromptu is an adjective as it describes of something done without planning. The word impromptu is a noun as it means a short piece of instrumental music. For example, at a school party, children create impromptu trumpets from rolled up sheets of paper. That means, on the spot they decided to do this and had not planned it before. Example 01 : John was very nervous when his teacher told him to give an impromptu speech in front of the whole class. Example 02 : Richard made an impromptu decision to fly down home from New York to be with his family on the Christmas eve. Example 03 : The actress did an impromptu dance step after receiving her award at the function. Example 04 : To catch them unaware, the Manager of the company called for an impromptu meeting when he had suspected a foul play within the organization. Example 05 : When Catherine came back from work with the news of her promotion, all her friends came over and they had an impromptu dinner party. Example 06 : The professor gave an impromptu test to all his students to check if they had been preparing for their upcoming

Sandhya serves food to Meenakshi. Meenakshi pretends to be repentant of her misdeeds. Chaturi nicks her finger while washing the dishes. Sandhya tends to her wound. Chotu does well in his english exam at school. He thanks Sandhya for tutoring him. Sandhya helps Bhabasa to solve an english puzzle in the newspaper. Santosh tells Chhavi to grind the flour but Chhavi foists the work on Sandhya. Sooraj is elated to see Santosh approving of Sandhya’s work whereas Meenakshi becomes jealous.

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    what is the difference? between the meaning of impromptu and improvise

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    whats the meaning of make it for something in the last example?

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    I’m constantly making impromptu decisions. Thank you so? much for teaching us academic vocabulary like this.

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