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A few nice world news images I found:

The NORAD of ABC in Austin
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Image by Stuck in Customs
When I went up to have an interview in the ABC Newsroom here in Austin, a gentleman there named Ed Sparks was nice enough to take me back to the inner sanctum. Ed is a frequent here in the community (hi Ed!) and quite the camera enthusiast. Before and after my live appearance (from a few weeks ago), he took me back into this control room so I could set up for a shot. As usual, I’ve uploaded the full-res version so you can see all the little details in the room. To see the full-res version, just click on the photo to go to the Flickr site. Click on "All Sizes" at the top of the photo. Last, click on "Original".

They explained to me how the room worked and how everything was customizable. The crew can pull in whatever feeds they need and position them on the screen accordingly. They even can save templates, since each producer that comes in and out during the day can have their own setup. It was quite fascinating to watch these guys operate in precision… I had to catch myself and remember to take photos, since I would sorta stare at the screens at get mesmerized for a bit!

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World Science Fiction Society Achievement Award
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Image by Ryan Somma
The World Science Fiction Society honored Conquest of Space (1949) author Willy Ley at its 14th World Convention. Ley’s science-based writing helped inspire real space exploration.

Taken at the National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: James S. McDonnell Space Hangar in Dulles, VA.

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