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Resie Vahsen (Choir, Trumpet) 2007 photo
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Image by ~BC~
Here is a link to a YouTube video with Resie singing Ava Maria. This was added to You Tube on 13 July 2010; this is NEW!

Here is a BLOG topic where you can say something to Resie.

A special thank you to Resie who has given me expressed written approval to publish this photo.

Look above the photo & click on All Sizes to see Resie’s photo lifesize

Here is a link to Resie’s website:

MUSICOGRAPHY Here is a list of all the DVD’s & this person appears in; I have much more to add; this is a work-in.progress

Live in Australia
#6 Nessun Dorma – Tribute to Luciano -All 6 in choir, sang together in spotlight briefly

Live in Maastricht 2
#5 Chianti – Platin Tenors + they flirt with choir.
#19 Oh Fortuna – Platin Tenors + Carmen, Mirusia, Suzan & choir

Live in Dresden aka Semperoper aka Dancing Through the Skies aka Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein aka Wedding at the Opera
#1 Wiener Melange – Didn’t see, but sure could hear the choir
#9 I’m Off to Chez Maxim – Platin Tenor song & dance. Choir added their voices & flirted with the Tenors

Wonderland aka Eftling

Live in Vienna
#2 Tritsch Trastsch Polka – gossiping Choir
Andre? Rieu on his way to New York
New York Memories aka Live in New York aka Live At Radio City Music Hall – Part 2 of this concert
#1 Singing in the Rain – Trumpet

#3 At The Hunt – Auf der Jagd – Choir members are those that run to the coaches
#17 Heut’ kommen d’Engerln auf – she is the one the camera keeps focusing on because she is singing the words that Karl Moik is singing

Live in Dublin
Bonus Track #1 – Magical Andre Rieu, contains the only decent film footage of the choir on the La vie est belle DVD. You can easily see, Celine, Suzan, & Resie, + several that are unidentified. What we never clearly see are Carla, Carmen, Nicolle, & Heidi

La vie est belle aka Life is Beautiful
#10 Poliushko Polie – Choir (Carla, Carmen, Celine, Heidi, Nicolle, Resie, Suzan + 9 others unidentified )
#11 Kalinka – Choir (Carla, Carmen, Celine, Heidi, Nicolle, Resie, Suzan + 9 others unidentified )

I was fortunate enough to see & hear Resie in a concert here in Phoenix in Dec 2006.

The choir is usually so far back that it is difficult to get good up close photos of them. However, near the end of the concert Phx Dec 2006 concert, the entire choir came to the front of the stage for a musical number (I can’t remember the song). I noticed Resie was limping badly & always wondered what happened. Resie will tell her story about the limp, below

I took a photo with a film camera & botched the exposure. I’ve never had another opportunity to take a photo of the entire choir up close.

Prior to this concert I met Luca & Franco outside the concert hallway & asked them for the names of the 2 new choir members. I was told their names are Resie Vahsen & Laura Engel & they described each to me.

By the time I got home & composed my concert report I’d mixed up the names with the faces, hence; I described Laura & gave her the name of Resie. I then described Resie & gave her the name of Laura.. Verily I have sinned against Laura & Resie.

And as I was mixing them up, Andre? was misspelling Resie’s name RESI

I don’t know which is worse, misspelling a name or calling them by someone else’s name.

My sincerest apology to Resie & Laura, both choir members, for mixing them up.

"The limp I had in dec. 2006 I can remember very well. I dismounted the bus in L.A. in a rather spectacular way, landing with my foot in an odd position behind me and in a lot of pain. My friends later told me that I shouted at them when they tried to pull me up, as they were accidentally folding my ankle even more while trying to do that. Eventually I managed to get up myself and immediately saw a doctor. My ankle was strained to its limit and apparrently I was lucky that nothing was actually broken. For weeks I had trouble walking on it and the first week after it happened I couldn’t even wear a shoe on that foot, while the ankle was swollen and showed an interesting display of colours. I also remember we had a good laugh about the purple hairy sock I wore during the concert under my dress to protect my foot from getting cold.

Anyway, that’s the story about my limp."

Resie is now performing with the Bach Choir of The Netherlands

Skylab Orbital Workshop (NASA Archive, 1973)
live news
Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
This cutaway view of a half of the Skylab orbital workshop shows details of the living and working quarters. The orbital workshop was divided into two major levels: a lower level for crew living quarters and an upper level station for experiments and equipment. The orbital workshop was designed and built at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.

Image credit: NASA

View original image/caption:

View more Skylab images

These official NASA photographs are being made available for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photographs. The photographs may not be used in materials, advertisements, products, or promotions that in any way suggest approval or endorsement by NASA. All Images used must be credited. For information on usage rights please visit:…

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