Choose the right paper for a competition reduce material cost of paper – paper supplies – Printing I

Choose the right paper for a competition reduce material cost of paper – paper supplies – Printing I

Paper, printing supplies is an important part. It’s good or bad determines the stability of the process of printing operations and print quality or merits.

Printed in the paper can be divided into three categories: quantitative about newsprint (49-52g/m2), mainly used for newspaper printing, manufacture of newsprint pulp because a large number of lignin and impurities, so the surface of hair newsprint yellow, and not long-term placement, easy crisp print quality times, usually in the news paper for monochrome printing. Offset paper contains less lignin and impurities, so little flexibility offset paper, the ink absorbent uniform smoothness is good, close texture, opacity, whiteness, water resistance strong, high quality printing for relatively fine print of printing paper. Usually quantitative in (50-180g/m2). Quantitative coated paper generally (150 ~ 280g/m2), and more for high-grade, fine print paper. There is one side coated art paper, double-sided coated paper, matt art paper, coated paper Gyrosigma divided. According to quality into A, B, C the third class. The main raw material is coated offset coated paper and Paint . Requirements on offset coated paper is thickness and flexibility of small, high intensity, good water resistance. Paper must not have spots, wrinkles, such as paper perforation disease, for coating the coating is made of high quality white pigment (such as kaolin, barium sulfate, etc.), adhesives (such as polyvinyl alcohol, casein, etc.) and auxiliary Additive Composed of. This kind of mobility and high solids content coatings, thin and evenly through the coating machine brush in the original paper, and then dried in paper machine rolls into rolls, sent to super- Pressure-ray machine Light pressure on finishing the last cut, the Commission paper, packaging.

Printing paper is part of a larger proportion of costs. With the global pulp prices, paper prices have also soared. Makes printing companies, printing high cost. Choose the right paper, the printing process reduces paper consumption, is to improve the printing industry profits and efficient way.

The purchase of paper to take into account some of the parameters paper:

1. Whiteness: refers to the extent of the white paper surface. Usually called magnesium oxide is 100% white, the whiteness of the paper is 100% compared to the white-term. Printed in white in the paper generally used for relatively high fine print, white print of the relatively high-fat difference on a large, printed matter rich layers, better color reproduction ability. Printing at the time of purchase, shall be according to their own printing business printing effect required to determine the scope of the required brightness, high white paper, due to internal impurities in low prices relatively high.

2. Quantitative: refers to the weight of paper per unit area, also known as weight. The different needs of different quantitative printed paper. In general, newspaper printing is generally used in low quantitative paper Packaging Printing Generally used in the high quantitative paper. The higher the weight of paper and paper tightness will be greater ability to print out high print reproduction.

3. Smoothness: under a certain degree of vacuum, so the volume of a certain volume of air under pressure through the sample surface and the glass surface the gap between the time required. Smoothness is to evaluate the degree of paper or cardboard surface characteristics of punch and an indicator of the printing paper is very important, it affects the uniformity of ink transfer. The smoothness of paper or cardboard patterns by the fiber, pulp beating degree, Papermaking With nets and blankets, weaving method, the wet pressing pressure and the availability calendar, add filling, and coating other factors.

4. Surface Tension: also known as galling intensity. Coating layer of paper and paper strength of the internal separation. Some paper because too many additives in the printing will produce galling, the phenomenon of hair loss out of paper, paper that is caused by surface tension is too low. In the purchase of paper to note that the requirements of surface tension on the paper.

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