Caught On Tape On Harper’s Island

Robin finds out the Cheshire Cat has a tape of a Wakefield murder, but doesn’t understand why. Not content to sit and wait for her to figure out the puzzle, the Cheshire Cat takes his deadly game to Robin’s doorstep.
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23 comments to Caught On Tape On Harper’s Island

  • nightneko2010  says:

    and he videotapes the underside of the bridge, where uncle marty? is later killed

  • Storm Saywell  says:

    Robi Matthews was really? on Harper’s Island… In Episode 4!

  • ashif21  says:

    no Ben,? he was Trish’s cousin

  • cocolittle17  says:

    Harpers? Globe or Harpers Island?

  • polkm714  says:

    no that? was cousin ben. (the guy who got drunk with brent in seattle)

  • mitmfan  says:

    First of all, his name was Brent.
    Second, the man on the bottom of the boat was Trish’s Cousin Ben–who was? seen in one of the episodes of Harper’s Globe.

  • LeslieWF100  says:

    I love this show. Can any one give me a site where I can watch? the whole episode. All of them. Please & Thanks

  • rukiXrosawere  says:

    No? that was Ben Wellington!

  • jonasbrothersfan8141  says:

    nope it was? den that was decapitated. hes the one that got drunk with brent in Seattle.

  • LaLaLiciaaa  says:

    cherishire cat is videotaping abby as she was walking to the cannery….she had looked behind? her when she was there…hm…

  • mdbm11  says:

    was trent the guy on the bottom of the boat on the? 1st episode that got decapitated?

  • HaloGirl10  says:

    I? was wondringthat too but i don’t know

  • elementor111111  says:


  • spokenout24  says:

    this shit owns.?

  • ericandcalleighxx  says:

    f u r reading this, then u will find? a dead bloody fetus hanging in ur closet. U will be haunted and raped by her. to stop it posti this to 6 other videos in 30 GOOD LUCK

  • x0krissymich  says:

    does? anyone know the name of the song that starts at 1:40??

  • BrEnDa467  says:

    That just cuts off 1? person. x.x

  • freddysmellyfingers  says:

    awesome job?

  • DaleMurph  says:

    Great? video.

  • CardCaptorDeadpool  says:

    like Duke Nukem? stealing from Bruce

  • reddogg6  says:


  • BrittanyAnnTodd  says:

    Awesome…can’t wait for the next episode :D?

  • EcofriendlyCody  says:

    cheshire cat has long hair i saw his shadow?

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