16 comments to Breaking News UFO Sighting Moscow Russia 3-6-2013

  • reefman46  says:

    to me they look like silver? balloons 3 of them tide up

  • reeklove1374  says:

    I saw big wings? flapping

  • TheBeautyforashes7  says:

    That’s not a ufo that looks demonic & very dark. I’m amazed it wanted to be seen that badly?

  • Bret Hines  says:

    Looked like a morphing? demon trying to materialize.

  • joseph brendel  says:

    looks like a old box type kit very high in very high winds. we had one do just that a? few years ago

  • jay-ar kyut  says:

    be realistic. where are not the only one in this endless universe ok. where not the? only one who can adapt on planets. if here in earth we did adapt here. how about other planets? thousands of years passed and of course some micro living things adapt on other planets like how we adapt in here.. this is the reality people. government hide it to use.

  • Chris Parker  says:

    The fallen angels already have you Jack. ? For this reason God sends them a delusion, so that they will believe the lie, in order that all those who refused to delight in truth might be judged. 2 Thess. 2;11

  • Jack Napier  says:

    It’s morphing! Thats so fucking cool.?

  • brittsybits  says:

    wow , i wonder what it looked? like first hand…because its pretty close! if only the video was not blurry..:/ very cool though

  • 579sharky  says:


  • NDestinationUnknown  says:

    Sorry not yet?

  • Robin Haag  says:

    Nothing from sweden??

  • joecane6340  says:

    It’s a? shame it’s so blurry. Could have been hardcore proof.

  • AnimalsCatsDogs  says:


  • iufosightings  says:

    Nice catch bro?

  • WeightLossLifestyle  says:

    Kind of blurry?

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