• helias314  says:

    Try some BEANO,? dude.

  • whofarted75  says:

    OK,? the sun farted again……so?
    Maybe Niburu (sp?) will block it. 😉

  • jeyvjoty  says:

    LOL maybe I will. I’ll check in once in? a while and see if you get your voice.

  • helias314  says:

    HEY! Whatsa matta for you? You? Don’t like-ah da pictures or what? Maybe yus should watcha da Bill Nye da science guy.

  • jeyvjoty  says:

    Too Vague I agree most of us don’t understand this stuff if your going to report? something report it, just don’t show a bunch of pictures.

  • helias314  says:

    Thanks for your comment and no, you will not be blocked. This video is a News Report, you can VET? the same on NASA’s website if you don’t believe the report. Other than that what is your point? You give my video a thumbs down for reporting the news. Shoot the messenger because you don’t like the message. That’s great. Only foul mouthed and persistently vulgar commentators are blocked. At least you are polite, even if a little confused.

  • CHRISMCKOWN1022  says:

    How come with all the onslaught we never see the grid? go down?

  • ruckusallen  says:

    thanks for the info, now i have something to look forward to.? wouldnt that be awesome if america lost power grid? Im sure the Amish would be sorry..seriously, peace to all.. thanks!

  • MrDaveJ420  says:

    the? use of onslaught! get a thumbs up from me brother 🙂 God bless you

  • pappawheely  says:

    awfuckensom …..just beautiful……thank you…..love to? all….is the sun giving birth?

  • AukumTV  says:

    Too vague…thumbs down. Videos like this about earthquakes, solar storms, terrorist plots etc. continue to arise all over youtube and nothing ever happens…at least not to the extent that they’re always? hyped up to be. I’m sure you’ll block me now too, because it doesn’t sit with your philosophy, outlook, opinions, religion or otherwise. I’m actually a Christian and I’m blown away at the confusion between “looking up” and always ‘looking for anything’…

  • ForcedAgenda  says:

    With all due respect, don’t? you think that’s a pretty important consideration?

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