BREAKING NEWS FROM CHINA! God opened big doors to the world’s largest group of souls hungry for truth. Working prayerfully for months with church leaders and…

Ukraine’s Interim Prime Minister has offered more powers to eastern regions struggling with pro-russian separatists. It’s part of a broader picture that has …

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  • Deborah Swart  says:

    Amen!!!! God is gathering His lost sheep from Israel via His SDA messengers?

  • KumbaYah Ahchyam  says:

    god also hate and in the bible this is a stated fact?

  • KumbaYah Ahchyam  says:

    but he said in Matthew 15:24 that he was send only for the lost sheep of
    the house of isreal, so if i am not an Israelite i am doomed. how do i find
    out who are the isrealites today please?

  • jumanous  says:

    exciting news. Thanks for sharing!?

  • KumbaYah Ahchyam  says:

    is salvation for all people in the world and why?

  • p  says:

    Do you realize how prophetic this video is, the Gospel going to China is a
    miracle. They are the last frontier on earth.?

  • AL Ain  says:

    This is such a beautiful site to see the Chinese accepting our Lord Jesus
    Christ, praise to God for making this happen and please God bless this
    ministries for their work. Halleluyah!?

  • mnm1972  says:

    I am so happy to hear this!!! there is nothing impossible for God! praise
    be to the Lord Jesus Christ!!!?

  • Nirky  says:

    Praise the Lord, this is all for HIS glory!?

  • p  says:

    U.S. has the most powerful military, but China has the largest manned army
    over 2.2 million.?

  • james simpson  says:

    Thankyou brother doug. I needef to hear
    Some good news. Sometimes i feel very
    Much alone in believing saturday sabbath. Im riduculed daily.?

  • jlcmiles  says:

    The fact that the Gospel is finally reaching China in this manner is
    testament to the fact that we don’t have long to go in this world before
    the time of trouble and the coming of the Kingdom of Christ. It is very
    humbling to see the love of God embracing the hearts of a people who have
    never had the Truth brought to them in such a manner. Praise the Lord!! ?

  • Bugoutbrian  says:

    Doug i bet my last dollar, Jesus….invisible to us was right there in that
    room with ya smiling at you for all your perserverance in getting the truth
    to them. the bible says whnever 3 or more are gathered talking about jesus
    he is there. this is truly epic to see this in china…people sitting
    outside in chairs gazing thru the windows! amazing!?

  • sard house  says:

    i can’t see the time to meet our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.?

  • Jerry Case  says:

    When I heard this, my heart leaped for joy. God bless and amen.?

  • wasa iloilo  says:

    Romans 9:28 states that God will Himself carry out His will on earth
    whether we be with Him or not, in this case He is to be glorified ….”If I
    be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me”….May the blessings and power of
    the Holy Spirit attend to your Ministry.?

  • Cajunspirit  says:


  • Jimmy Stone  says:

    The hour is now, when the true worshippers shall worship the father in
    spirit and in truth, for the father seeks us to worship him in that manner.
    Praise and bless china! My God bless them and give them the power to slow
    down the process of the mark of the beast.
    I hear they have an bad human rights record, but I have yet to see them
    bomb countries, destroying family lives ruining countries as a whole.
    Unlike other nations have been, especially the 2nd beast that always speaks
    of wars and rumours of wars, but talks (Peace, Peace).
    Let no man deceive you. Amen.?

  • Masa Mune  says:

    Beautiful! Thankyou brother for sharing :)?

  • Timothy Humphries  says:

    Keep it up Dougie!?

  • Yuanbo Liu  says:

    God is so wonderful! ??????

  • Siboniso Mncwabe  says:

    May The Lord bless & protect you; may the testimony of Jesus Christ be
    witnessed in all four corners of the world. Amen?

  • freerider37  says:

    Amen :)?

  • Mark Bishop  says:

    I always believed that how could Jesus ever return without first preaching
    the Gospel unto all the World? Namely, how could we ever forget China!
    Years back when I saw the Amazing Facts Chinese language website, I praised
    God and supported the work in China and the great work yet to unfold!
    Souls for the kingdom.?

  • God Exists  says:

    are these pictures not from 2013? RT debunked these.?

  • HenrySims  says:

    People here on the comments should take their tin foil hat.?

  • shockolanul  says:

    And Russians are like: BO! and everyone runs around in panic :)))?

  • ALLAHbless CHINA  says:

    The US and Britain are in no position to criticize Russia!
    The US and Britain flag drips with the blood of the Black people, Iranian
    people, Syrian people, Chinese people, people of N Korea, people of
    Pakistan, people of India, people of Iraq etc

    Russia has done nothing illegal! The people of Ukraine RIGHT NOW are
    fighting against the Nazi regime, but the western media is spreading all
    sorts of lies to discredit their uprising, because the person in power
    right now is a US puppet!!!?

  • ILYA1972  says:

    As always our esteemed Western democrats have dual position. Bloody coup in
    Kiev, which was sponsored by puppets of the U.S. – EU, this is democracy.
    But miners who struggle against the criminal regime in Kiev – it’s
    and Russian troops are standing throughout the western border from Baltic
    to the Black Sea not for attack, and for protect against the NATO bandits,
    whose hands on elbow in the blood citizens of Iraq, Serbia, Libya.?

  • Ahmed Salim  says:

    Give it a rest guys. No one buys your BS like they used to?

  • SoullessOnyx  says:

    … These pictures are from last year, they were taken during a Russian
    military exercise… How would America like it if other countries did this
    to them.?

  • Osckarre  says:

    America is trillions of dollars in debt, this is the beast in its dying
    throes. Desperate and violent, lashing out for anything to sate its lust
    for power and money. “And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn
    over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:”

    God speed!?

  • slippybits  says:

    LMFAO What BS…Why not show Putins speech? I think he addressed quite
    clearly whats going on with this BS. Oh thats right it does not suit your
    The BBC is nothing more than a propaganda machine. This has been apparent
    since the 9/11 era. But if you want proof look around and try not paying
    your TV licence. Its the law for a reason, you are being forced to pay to
    be Brainwashed!?

  • utubewatchinhesk  says:

    Another allegation thrown up in the air, I wonder which sides of the medias
    are going to pay for when a conflict really breaks out! Will it be the
    Russian media or the western media? Keep adding to the flame! Another
    unnecessary war weary report. Unbelievable. ?

  • Alexander Tessema  says:

    We know that bbc is not anymore objective but just fool of lies………I
    think Putin should shut off the gas…and let those crazy adventurist in
    Ukraine with their neo Nazi government in kiev…pay the price for
    it….freeze them all until they will come to their senses.?

  • 41088avl01  says:

    Russia grabbed Ukrainian tourist territory, crimea now they are going after
    the industrial and the coal industry in the east. Im guessing after that
    they might go after the rest of Ukrainian ports then they would be right
    next to the break away provence in meldova. What ever, if Ukraine is not
    willing to defend themselves and their land why should we care. This isnt
    news, watching a country get bullied and absorbed by Russia is nothing new
    and is not news. Give it a few years and the second soviet Union will
    collapse and all these Russian’s will be bagging to leave the Soviet Union
    because they don’t live in Moscow and won’t be taken care of. ?

  • ??????? ????  says:

    Very funny when Nato says they tried to cooperate with Russia, and now
    Russia is their enemy.NATO was created to deter the Soviet Union, the
    Soviet Union is no more, – NATO is exist. Questions?
    Any occurrence of any troops from NATO countries on the territory of
    Ukraine – will mark the beginning of a nuclear war.?

  • God Exists  says:

    are these pictures not from 2013? RT debunked these.?

  • shockolanul  says:

    Ukrainian soldiers have the OBLIGATION to disobey the orders of their
    superiors if those orders contradict the Oath of the Ukrainian Soldier
    which is taken firstly to the country, secondly to the people and not for a
    self imposed government of rat-faced Poles and Hungarians who send the army
    to kill Ukrainian people who protest for their Human Right of Self
    Ukrainian Soldiers, know that no Martial Court can condemn you for refusing
    to shoot your own people, women, old men and young boys that are only
    demanding justness for their selves and for their country.

    God Bless.?

  • Osckarre  says:

    ARSEniy YatsenYUK and Jen Psaki are 2 absolutely disgusting creatures!?

  • belfasta  says:

    BBC bullshit news?

  • jlk99us  says:

    Hey Jen Psaki…. FCUK YOU!!?

  • IVChudovo  says:

    fake news framing up the accusations against Russia, showing white
    supremacy of american ‘pure” people?

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