Are the schools failing us or it is the 24 hour cable news cycle?

Question by jezebel: Are the schools failing us or it is the 24 hour cable news cycle?
So many of the people who contribute their often inflamed opinions here don’t seem to have a 4th grader’s understanding of civics, political science and Constitutional Law. Should people be forced to learn the basics before they’re allowed to vote? The ignorance in so many of the political postings in here makes me afraid for the future of the United States.
MY hillbilly and ghetto groups?!

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Answer by Spock (rhp)
America’s schools have been failing for years and you only just now notice?

arguably, our schools are designed to sort students into categories for later treatment and not to actually impart a useful education.

the prime categories are

1. stars … these people are headed to graduate schools and will become our next generation of the elite … lawyers, physicians, and ministers, plus a few other careers qualify.

2. solid material … these will become the leaders and managers of our businesses and enterprises. they’re solid college material

3. workers … these people will follow orders … used to be they’d become factory hands, now they go to community college for career training.

4. the leftovers and hopeless .. our schools fail to educate these people for anything of any use and, frankly, don’t much care that they don’t, either. Many will drop out of high school.

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3 comments to Are the schools failing us or it is the 24 hour cable news cycle?

  • Mewtwo  says:

    Its your hillbilly and ghetto groups that keep your US Education System way behind.

  • fatboysdaddy  says:

    I would say that it is the school is failing the children of this country.
    Those who run it feel that it is ok to pass anyone and everyone regardless of what grade that they get. It seems that it is no longer important to have grades above a C average which use to be above 78% but now a C average is anything above 68%.
    The school system is and will continue to be the ones that are causing the children to fail if they do not make the standards higher like they were prior to this system that they have now.
    The schools no longer teach reading, writing and math but just do what we tell you and you will pass.

  • Raider  says:

    Schooling has changed over the ages, including here in the States. In the 19th century, education was teaching more in a compressed period of time and thus accomplishing more than we do today. The education level reached in a 12 year period back then was the equivalent of a college degree. Today to get a high school education one has to go to school for 18 years. This is including “early 5’s”, kindergarten, and a bachelor’s degree in college. And still know very little about civic duties nor geography.

    It absolutely amazes and soon sickens me when a reporter will interview people on the streets and ask them rather simple questions about government or where some country is.

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