? The Secret World ? – Supply Run

Questgiver: Sheriff Helen Bannerman Zone: Kingsmouth Town Type: Obtaining Items Click on the timings below to see the parts in the video. 1:05 Supply Run quest 1:30 Collect preserved food 2:00 Collect ammunition boxes 2:21 Rigged Protector 3:35 Collect first aid kits 5:15 My first death! 7:16 Keeping supplies in the store room 8:15 Buying Skills & Abilities ———————————————————————– The Secret World Guide for this mission secretworld.wikia.com My channels www.youtube.com tgn.tv ———————————————————————– – THE SECRET WORLD – Developer: FunCom Release: 3 July 2012 / 29 June 2012 (pre-order) Genre: Massive Multiplayer Online RPG, Action Adventure Platform: PC Publisher: Electronic Arts Funcom Website: www.thesecretworld.com www.darkdaysarecoming.com ———————————————————————–

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