Which of these countries needs volunteering the most?

Question by Audrey O: Which of these countries needs volunteering the most?
So I’m planning on volunteering abroad this summer, but I don’t know which place really needs volunteer work. Here are the options:

Salvador, Brazil
Xi’an, China
San Carlos, Costa Rica
Volta region, Ghana
Guatamala City, Guatamala
New Delhi, India
Rabat, Morocco
Lima, Peru
Yaroslavl, Russia
Cape Town, S. Africa
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Bangkok, Thailand

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Answer by Alka Kapoor
India or Africa

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  • Michael Williams  says:

    All the countries you mention have problems in blood supply. The demand of blood is very high but the supply is regularly low. It’s a good idea to create a campaign project or volunteer in a charity organization and donate whole blood, platelets or plasma. This way you don’t only make a difference, you also save lives.

  • Sergio__  says:

    All of them do. There’s a lot of poverty in each of those places.

    Volunteering is not about what country needs more help since you will only be helping a small group of people. Nevertheless, you could be able to make a big change in their lives.

    Personally, I would do a little more research on what kind of volunteering you would be doing at each location and choose the place that you feel you could make a bigger impact (based on your skills) while learning as much as possible from the experience.

  • Zyad Limamy  says:

    I am from Morocco and i advise you not to go there asking for volunteer work.I was born there and lived there for 10 years and its not in that kind of state or in that situation.I would go to some place where english is the 2nd language or commonly spoken so you can communicate.

  • Gajen Limbu  says:

    I think all of those countries need.

  • WINLIN  says:

    Afghanistan or Iraq

  • Jayne says READ MORE BOOKS  says:

    None need summer volunteers. All need different long-term experts — people who can train local people to be vet techs, nurses, doctors, farmers, midwives, etc., people who can provide high level medical care, people who can offer training to help local people find jobs, etc. But none **need** summer volunteers.

    For your summer volunteering, you need to choose based on what kinds of activities you want to do, what you can afford (these programs are not cheap!), what culture interests you the most (language, music, etc.) and what country you think would be the most interesting to see firsthand.

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