VIKING TRANCE – The Psychedelic Experience

?Available From Viking Trance ? ?http ? ?Google+ ?In Tribute To Timothy Leary PHD (1920-1996)”The Psycehedlic Experience” ?Compiled By Viking Trance
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 comments to VIKING TRANCE – The Psychedelic Experience

  • ShezzLuvsShadow  says:

    anyone dealing here?…….:)? pls?

  • arsletirott  says:

    first time on lsd. maaaan? this is trippy. my keyboard is all like.. its like a soft beautiful blur and the walls are exploding in colors and they’re trying to hug me.

  • eidotevil  says:

    No man, Ayahuasca is DMT…?

  • koolwater97  says:

    damn when i wrote that i was on 360 milligrams of dxm. then, i took another 720 milligrams. my cieling turned into a? beautiful forest floor of leaves, and i was walking around my house with my eyes closed and i thought they were open. then a guy took me to a cemetery, and showed me graves if those who died from cough syrup.

  • JakeXanimations  says:

    Ahhhhh dude? i felt like i was in the 5th dimention. The one with fuck loads of colour…………It was lonely man.

  • koolwater97  says:

    this is trippy as fuck. orange sun? energy starting filling the area around my screen

  • 23trekkie  says:

    @svenjansen2000 Ayahuasca doesn’t have DMT? ?

  • mo niqqa  says:

    fucking grilled? lmao, this is insaine shit

  • wieri3  says:

    Dmt is ayahuasca ;>

  • jedocaixao21  says:

    lsd free greek doping hooligans?

  • SanFranciscoJames  says:

    what? do train do?

  • SanFranciscoJames  says:

    we wuv the music? as well as the video

  • yourmaker74  says:

    great to? train to thanks

  • percheroneclipse  says:

    Great build and? sub harmonics.

  • MrCote60  says:

    ça a été très surprenant et agréable…?

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