Rejoice & Shout

REJOICE & SHOUT covers the 200 year history of African-American Christianity, featuring the legends of Gospel music, including The Staple Singers, The Clara Ward Singers, The Dixie Hummingbirds, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Culled from hundreds of hours of music, tracing the evolution of gospel music through its many styles — the spirituals and early hymns, the four-part harmony-based quartets, the integration of blues and swing, the emergence of “soul,” and the blending of rap and hip-hop elements. It connects the history of African-American culture with gospel as it first impacted popular culture at large and captures so much of what is special about this music and African-American Christianity.
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Get Him To The Greek Sound Track – Furry Walls (Jeffrey) By Infant Sorrow song Stroke The Furry Walls Geoffrey

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19 comments to Rejoice & Shout

  • starlimitz2  says:

    here, stroke this furry wall.? It’s soft as shit!!!

  • AliasXBeoulve  says:

    No dude it’s about doing drugs? XD

  • UbuntuLIVES20  says:

    UBUNTU is? smoking a Jeffrey right now

  • myothercariseva01  says:

    anyone like fooly cooly? haha?

  • David Satterfield  says:


  • Erskine Lothrop  says:


  • shaggyspineshank  says:

    so? this isn’t about a harry vajayjay?…

  • MCVastDifference  says:

    *an assortment of drugs, and for? some reason, clorox.

  • Giovanni Crivello  says:


  • lololidkwut  says:

    still a better love story then twilight, nahh jk but srsly better? than lil wayne…

  • Confessionsovergin  says:

    This is a legitimately? good song!

  • pratsch42  says:

    Furry walls man .? . Duh !!

  • Minxeh Griffiths  says:

    It’s like, all? the funniest things in the world, mushed together and slapped onto a dvd.

  • oX313Xo  says:

    a mammoth joint filled entirely with an assortment of drugs. marijuana, opium, angel dust, meth, painkillers etc. Half of the ingredients are unknown, but? one things for sure, it fucks you up. (for those who didnt know)

  • baptisturl  says:


  • themcgamer1000  says:


  • Noah Diamond  says:

    I first heard of the term “stroke the furry bag” on the back of some incense smoke. I quit smoking? that shit, but I typed it in and I found this as the origin. Sounds AWESOME!

  • jlmpeace27  says:

    I like having the same name as? a mixture of drugs!!!

  • Karissa McKee  says:

    yes it is? the best thing ever made

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