19 comments to Rebecca Malope – Laduma Lamthatha

  • RHYME SONNY  says:

    i love you mum the? good Lord should bless you

  • Kaitha Michelle  says:

    I would love to learn to your music in your Language so pls try and let write the words for us on? the screen.May the Good Lord bless u and your work I will love u soo much

  • linsi kusanagi  says:

    Your music is blessing Sis? Rebecca. God bless u indeed!

  • jennyful78  says:

    Haha…i so cud relate to that…staying up late just? listening to her music..such a blessing..

  • imene0812178  says:


  • mpinganjiramarcean  says:

    Sister you bless us much with your hits,? God bless you so much.

  • SuperSAfrica  says:

    Damn, it is 04:34 here..am just an owl? because of her.

  • Sara Kidibu  says:

    I’d love to see translations to this, I love Rebecca? Malope

  • Two7One  says:

    I’d love to see the lyrics? in English.

  • MsRookie007  says:

    can someone send this in english i love this woman? i cant understan but i do

  • bimpnuel1  says:

    Rebecca, you are blessed among women each time I listen to you I’m being blessed I also? have flashback of my time in South Africa. This is wonderful.

  • benjamin3241  says:

    can? i get this albom to buy pls? its muving.

  • nahdy80  says:

    its like? english,from america,uk,and africa,

  • nahdy80  says:

    no point in explaining to some one who doesnt pay attention or? doesnt want to learn,they already have their answers and your wasting your time…….loll

  • mabhena-mpofu nomvelo  says:

    i love this song takes? me back to 2002

  • esibuaba  says:

    where? can one get her albums to buy?

  • Regina Ankrah  says:

    somebody pls can u send me the meaninag of this song .
    Rebecca God bless u sooo much .infact u are already blessed. anytime i listen to your song you inspire? me to get closer to God the more.although do not understand some of them yet i know u praise God with your songs.

  • youknowasuprite  says:

    wooow, how can you say such horrible things? Were you the doctor that performed these procedures? Even if she did? these things you are accusing her of, dont you know that the most flawed people are the ones that are used to touch peoples’ hearts to humble self righteous people.

  • mtcj20  says:

    this lady is a whore making money from singing gospel music.realiable sources have confirmed that she has had abortions upon abortions from her multiple partners.what a? shame

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