Pitbull – Get It Started ft. Shakira

Music video by Pitbull featuring Shakira performing Get It Started. (C) 2012 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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In this installment of “Ask A Network Head,” Natalie asks the head of programming at MTV why they stopped playing music videos. And gets a fun answer! Yay!

38 comments to Pitbull – Get It Started ft. Shakira

  • ?afak tarsuslu  says:

    E? DALEEEE 🙂

  • Boris Chen  says:

    You are a disgrace to? ur own religion

  • dblock20101  says:

    This song is amazing!!! Cant wait for this album!!?

  • Steven Torres  says:

    Queremos otra cancion de pitbull y shakira.– pero esta vez queremos que los dos salgan en el? videooo…

  • Nicholas Pigram  says:

    dude i know she is hot but mate think about the? people who read coments like her husband mate

  • Angie Medina  says:

    Hello People
    Before you ignore me please just give me a chance
    I love singing since I was a little girl and it became my biggest passion
    Some people are trying to put me down but I keep my head up and keep doing what I love to do
    Singing I can be who really I am and I have fun doing it.
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  • screamsofdoom  says:

    Shakira..3 ? Pitbull..DALE!!

  • mohamed benhassir  says:

    i like your boobs shakira

  • BANGBANG5ify  says:

    Damn! She still? sexy. lol

  • namlah00  says:

    im here? for pitbull


  • Murathan Çakar  says:

    2.24 bu ak?am? olmaz hayri 😀

  • SkoogMC1337  says:

    Pique? is so lucky!!!

  • GustavoRiera89  says:

    España esta en crise?

  • GustavoRiera89  says:


  • Osman Aykut  says:

    I? Love You Shakira <3

  • flor cosi  says:


    cuando saqué mis dedos hacia fuera y olía y sabía a continuación

    ellos, no? parecía haber nada ofensivo. Funk y tal vez,

    pero no ofensivo. Así que me puse mi boca abierta en esta extraña

    zona y procedió a lamer mi forma de entrar WOOO CHICA Cátia Silva

  • rcm94music  says:

    cause he thinks is the king of the world but not is true!? for this he says!

  • kamil wolfmist  says:

    Shakira – najpi?kniejsza laska na ?wiecie? !!!

  • Criptor13  says:

    end of rant, and yes I know it’s a? comedy thing, not to be taken seriously, I just had to let that out because Gen X executives piss me off with their ignorance.

  • Criptor13  says:

    “just playing the hits” off iTunes, HELLO use the dumb internet and do your research, it’s not? JUST about the hits anymore, you could check out new stuff from any country, old stuff from established artists from around the planet and play them on your station, but again, that would mean you’d actually have to do work instead of shortcutting your audience because “no one has heard it before so we won’t play it” umm you’re a fucking music station if you play it, it’ll become a hit.

  • AnnoyinAssassin  says:

    records were pirated too. They just had to take? a mold of one and then cast as many as they could afford to. So it goes back to when music started and people had no money, so forever. It just got a million times worse when torrent sites started popping up and people literally had to make next to no effort to download a song. So, yes it was in the late 90’s which would have been gen X. Which I am a part of.

  • GabdeVue  says:

    I? feel caught…

  • Criptor13  says:

    the sad part is, he’s right. However as far as stealing music, umm Gen X started that shit. Gen X decided to put their records on the computer back in 1992 when a russian guy created the algorithm,. but then you would have to realize that Star Trek predicted this tech back in the mid 80s. So tell me,? stealing music which btw was even done back in the 80s with the advent of TAPES which you could record shit off the radio. OMG man, GEN X started stealing music, we just perfected it.

  • NihilistSlacker  says:

    People with IQs above 130 really hate proper? punctuation, apparently.

  • NihilistSlacker  says:

    Yeah, because brits and canadians are sooooo much more intelligent.

    “My Britain is fuck all now, my British? is fuck all! Go back to Nigwaria or wherever you’re from.” – the beloved tram bitch

  • NihilistSlacker  says:

    The man could get poo on his weiner.?

    I’m no doctor, but I imagine that isn’t healthy.

    Maybe that’s why the Old Testament called for homosexuals to be killed. Not because it was dictated by an angry jewish dude in the sky that had a problem with limp wristed fellas, but because anal sex spread STDs before the days of sheepskins.

    Nah, I like the angry guy in the clouds theory better.

  • vhulheim  says:

    not only is maria quite the hottie – her accent………. excuse me, i’ll? be a moment…

  • MEdalFan26  says:

    anywon? else remember when MTZ shoed musics viedes THUMBS UYP IF YUO LIKKE MY COMENT AND SUSBCRIBE

  • spouq023  says:

    This a question I? keep asking too…

  • brandonall  says:

    You Guys could always? watch Palladia?

  • Joeroastedmarshmelow  says:

    It’s the VGHS? guy!!!

  • snarkus63  says:

    As? far as I’m concerned,MTV is deader than the WB.

  • verbaledge  says:

    yep, and i also realize that most people on here agree with this “truth” wrapped in a joke. look at all the likes. this video and? concept are retarded….keep stealing music, it helps artists that actually need help. dont help corporate rock douches

  • TVmedifore  says:

    im american? and have an IQ above 130 so imagine how i feel living around these below 80 fucks !! it makes you wanna kill yourself

  • SJsoccer1190  says:

    The Law just laid it? down

  • muzzammil9  says:

    I went to? Video Game High School with this guy!

  • Edwin Garibaldi  says:

    Mtv? stands for MaturnityTV

  • ChicaWolverina  says:

    But what if yer the? man?

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