Peanut Butter and Jams – SCARY Music Videos with DENISE!

SORRY FOR THE HORROR-ABLE AUDIO (haha, get it? get it? no? okay then…) & MY AGAIN FOR MY SCARY VEINY ARMS. OMG. LET’S FREAK OUT ABOUT IT. go! If we don’t creep you out, our music videos probably will… facebook: twitter: MY PICK-A-ROO’S: Toro Y Moi — “How I Know” Kid Cudi — “No One Believes Me” DENISE’S PICK-A-ROO’S: Michael Jackson – “Thriller” 30 Seconds to Mars – “The Kill” Her “horror” or “whore” channel: THE CREEPTASTIC FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD – “Cruel Summer 2011” MAIL TIME! CourtneyPants PO Box 9909 Marina Del Rey, CA 90295

24 comments to Peanut Butter and Jams – SCARY Music Videos with DENISE!

  • sherann27  says:

    Who the hell would want to watch this? JUNK!

  • AlexJonesInfoWars1  says:

    Alex Jones & David Icke = Truth

    Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

    Gary Johnson? 2012

    Flu Shots/Vaccines are Poison

    say No to GMOs

    Astral Projection is Real

    the Illuminati/NWO will be Defeated!

  • RafeVKaos  says:

    Dude…? Denise is sexy

  • Haydrothedragon  says:

    I’m? from Ohio 😀

  • BrooklynPerson30000  says:

    girl in stripes: move back? – girl in black, move closer

    guy, die.

  • damagepy  says:

    her arms are slim and toned, and those sexy veins make them even better. Far better than having skinny shapeless arms or only seeing? fat 🙂

  • MrHalfjack  says:

    courtney. bengals? or browns??

  • MrHalfjack  says:


  • lydinsama  says:

    courtney u hot :)?

  • JAREDSAMSON23  says:

    look? at courtney arms

  • oy59  says:


  • TheDk101  says:

    Hard? to believe 30STM’s ex-bassist left for the best band in the world Angels and Airwaves

  • Flity4  says:

    I love your? “SCARY VEINY ARMS” 🙂

  • JL192com  says:

    I wish you had scissored? 🙁

  • fadelio22  says:

    like imagine getting? held down by those arms you take a look at them and you’re like HOLY FUCK DONT HURT ME

  • BlueBeats PurpleDreamTeam  says:


  • wtyazzie2000  says:

    I would’ve picked “Dream Warriors” by Dokken and “don’t Come Around Here No More” by Tome Petty? and The Heartbreakers

  • jjlwis  says:

    damn i knew you were Skinny CP, but damn… you? are REALLY Skinny! eat some Cheese Burgers and Beer!

  • jackveronika  says:

    They are both talented and? gorgeous girls, Denise is very good at writing film scripts, her scary videos are awesome! but Courtney is quick thinker, her sense of humor and crazyness is freaking brilliant to host a live show!!!

  • Rafaelhts  says:

    wow , denise is so hot . I would like? to bang that big tits she has.

  • FiasKlo55  says:

    2:11? ARM WTF??!!

  • Alanphyter  says:

    yo turn up? the fucking audio in the music

  • hooah9422  says:

    Courtneypants your? a music hipster.

  • mrjimmyos  says:

    Did you put in that? Toro Y Moi vid because ‘someone’ linked it on twitter 😀 It’s a good song

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