Oum & Don Bigg – Lik (mama)

Beautiful nachid ya tayba with no music by al-munchid Qari youssef edghouch from USA originally from Morocco. for more and CONTACT visit: www.QariYoussef.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com Email : qariyousef@gmail.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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32 comments to Oum & Don Bigg – Lik (mama)

  • ayoub el maaelm  says:

    chdiiiid chdiiiiiid m3aleeem?

  • Mehdi Gr  says:

    Mimtii Sam7iliya , 3aref bli ma9adiitch , ndiir foo9 mén jéhdi li 3andi ra makhalitch … Liik liik liik ntiya … (y) Lah Yssma7na Mén? Lwalidiin O ssaf 🙂

  • fouine paris  says:

    2 pac de maroc bigg dear? mama … yeh.

  • fouine paris  says:

    le track? c’est trés magnifique …

  • ayoub essouli  says:

    YES BIGG 🙂 This for my? mother <3

  • Reda Moumni Abdou  says:

    Aw. I? was very happy to uncover this Impressive n Excellent video i appreciate it definitely . Keep this way You need to be a part of a contest Spot on ! i give you a big thumbs up…..

  • arym7  says:

    am i the one who? think that shes look like sandra bullock??

  • parkourreggada  says:

    wach? a el gouufa a el bagra

  • Alaa Tafih  says:

    He’s? singing about hi’s mother ! because she died 🙁 he’s saying that he love her so much …
    This rapper is famous in morocco 🙂
    Big UP

  • mryouubs  says:

    OUM !! Ta voix me fait rêver ,? t’es ma star !! Don big htiramati

  • issmail aitali  says:

    don bigg rapor m9awad? llah yakhalik dima 9odam

  • réginà fatixa  says:

    FoR ù Mam <3<3<3?
    I liKe it <3

  • Hanae Elb  says:

    FOR MA MOM? <3

  • Amar Ali  says:

    Akhi? how do you know his beard doesn’t grow? there any many brothers who cant grow a beard as it doesn’t grow!!!!

  • amy norlee  says:

    masyallah..subhanallah divine? voice….

  • Romeo Haq  says:

    Mashallah great voice but wer is? the sunnah!?
    No beard!
    no hat!

  • Amar Ali  says:

    Where is your? brain ???

  • asnihasan40  says:


  • mouhamedsalwan  says:

    ?????? ????? ??? ?????????

  • Mrbean56632  says:

    Where is? his his hat astagfirulla!

  • safiah abd razak  says:

    very good voice..may Allah bless you..

  • rubine4  says:

    Doesn’t even need any form of music in the background, his voice is just amazing in itself. MashaAllah! So? beautiful.

  • ishrathit  says:


  • CanadianChickita  says:

    awwww :* haha? inshAllah khairrrr

  • frs5321  says:

    very? beautiful..

  • Illuhstrayshuns  says:

    Beautiful nasheed…jazakallah! Keep up the excellent? work.

  • Anissa Bee  says:

    congrats, thank a? lot

  • kinoo farhaan  says:



  • lina56000  says:

    Mashallah voice … ?

  • Kaderim senin  says:

    Very Beautyfull?

  • mujahideenstilldeath  says:

    HIs voice, Ya allah its jst soo sweet, May? allah bless you <3

  • QuantumIReapz  says:

    Better than the? music

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