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Starlite Music Theatre – Latham, NY – 09, May – 11
Image by sebastien.barre
The old Starlite Music Theatre. View large on black. Check the whole slideshow. More info on the photoset page.

I’ve got the music in me…
Image by meehanf
Bon, pas de Nikon D90 pour les 3-4 prochaines semaines. Ça fait mal, mais en même temps je prends ça comme un défi.

Si on dit que la caméra ne fait pas le photographe, je vais me mettre à l’épreuve. Pour la photo d’aujourd’hui, j’utilise une vieille caméra, 5 mégapixels, Yahooo! En JPG en plus (snif, je suis accro du Raw).

D’un autre côté, j’ai pas mal de photos en réserve, mais quand même, je vais faire de nouvelles images avec de l’équipement "antique".

C’est sûr que ma production photographique va diminuer quelque peu, je vais juste jouer un peu plus de musique avec ma Basse, que voulez-vous: "I’ve got the music in me".

** Attention, cette toune a tendance à s’enraciner dans les cerveaux.

Merci Kiki Dee Band!



OK, My Nikon D90 is gone for the next 3-4 weeks. It hurts, at the same time I take it as a challenge.

If the camera does not make the photograph, well, I am up to the task. Today’s picture was taken with an old retired "point and shoot" camera, with a whooping 5 megapixels! Yahoo. In JPG format (snif, I am hooked on RAW format).

I am not that desperate, still have a good reserve of pictures, nevertheless I will continue adding up new images taken with the old cameras.

Of course, production will suffer, in the mean time I will play more music with my faithful Bass guitar, hey it is like that: "I’ve got the music in me".

** Careful playing that song, it is very addictive…

Merci Kiki Dee Band!


Army Musician at the Royal Military School of Music Kneller Hall
Image by Defence Images
An Army trumpeter is pictured outside the Royal Military School of Music at Kneller Hall, West London.

Over its long existence the school has remained at the forefront of military music. Many thousands of Army musicians have passed through the gates and have been taught by the best professors of music available in the country at each point in time.

The museum and the photograph board of all the Bandmaster classes show just how many people have spent a period of time at Kneller Hall. In certain points in time over 300 musicians would have been on the pupils course and nearly all will have performed on at least one legendary Summer Concert which are still going today in the form of ‘Concerts in the Park’.
Photographer: Media Centre HQ AACen
Image 45152937.jpg from

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