Name of Hip-hop song i heard on B4U (indian) music channel 4 years ago?

Question by Billo N: Name of Hip-hop song i heard on B4U (indian) music channel 4 years ago?
I heard a English hip hop song on b4u a while ago. It had a Arabian touch to it but it was defiantly sung in English. They were 2 guys, one was named yasser or nasser. cant remember but they are from Morocco or Egypt.
What i remember from the music video is that there are 2 Egyptian/Moroccan brothers who come from a poor family. they are at a beach, see a tourist curise ship. they swim towards it and try to hang to anchor so they can get to Spain or a country in Europe. For a better life or whatever. one of the brother in the vid dies.
Basically the song have a Sad tune, its hip-hop, sung by two guys in English and one of them is called yasser or nasser.
Thats the thing, i dont remember anything more, dude. It was a english hip-hop sung by two egyptian or morrocan guys. had a arbaian touch to it. used to go on B4U music 3-4 years ago.

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Answer by ki££€R
Provide some more info. like any line from that song ya fir gaane ka chorus bata de…!

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