Music : South African Drums Music

Music : South African Drums Music:- South African Music artists troupe “Buhle Besintu” performed in Jaipur (India) during World Percussion Festival. The musi…

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  • Manav SHAH  says:


  • Sameer Goyal  says:

    Listen South African Drummers.

    Music : South African Drums Music?

  • Leslie Davy  says:

    These guys are fantastic. Woooow! energy baby!!!!!!!!

  • miztergray  says:

    This idiot below me calling Dominican clowns. They teach in DR that the
    first Dominican merengue was compadre Pedro Juan, not that that we invented
    it. We made it way better thou. And it wasn’t Angolan that invented
    merengue, it was Haitians! ?

  • foxsy69  says:

    I LOVE THIS3 wowwww & Dominicans want to say they invented merengue… smh
    fuckin clowns!!!

  • carlosdj1963  says:

    viejo este tema es viejicimo y asta ahora se que un merengue se le anota
    este exito buena por esa

  • Dominicancolor  says:

    Merengue was born in the Hispaniola in the early 1800s in the spanish side
    which is now The Domincan Republic.

  • Dominicancolor  says:

    Angola independence was 1975. Dominican Rep independence was 1844. The
    spanish arrived in 1492 to Quisqueya the Tainos name for Hispaniola.
    Foxsy69 do the math.

  • eduardo sousa  says:

    Foi assinado no 27 maio de 1977

  • Dominicancolor  says:

    Trujillo took merengue to Angola. Many dominican merengue bands play
    merengue all over the world.

  • Dominicancolor  says:

    Pendojo porque no disfruta de la musica y aprende a tocar un instrumento
    para que te ocupe en algo y deje de promover odio encontra de los domis.
    Mientras mas habla mal de los domis mas fama le da, mas fuerza sobre ti.
    los dominicanos no salen de tu cabeza. la mejor forma para sanarse de la
    envidia es ocupar la mente en leer hecho reales de la vida no cuentos de
    ada. Otra forma de sanarse de la envidia es trabajar duro Como Los Hacen
    Los Dominicanos y muchos otros latinos.

  • TheAmoms  says:

    Fixe! para mim isto é que é merengue e não o merengue latino! cresci
    ouvindo estes ritmos! Saudades!

  • Dominicancolor  says:

    Foxsy69 You are a Master in Willful Ignorance. When I looked at the
    dictionary for the definition of ignorant I found a Picture of you to
    better illustrate the definition.

  • Giravolei  says:

    Muito obrigada poe este momento de merengue Amo Angola e a sua cultura
    nasci em Cabinda Bem hajam todos os angolanos

  • R6564  says:

    In commenting on some posts below, the Punta is from Central Americas
    Caribbean coast, The Cumbia and Vallenato are from Colombia. Puerto Rico
    has the Salsa, Plena, Bolero and its own style of Reggaeton. .But the
    Reggaeton is originally from Panama. The Dominican Republic has Merengue
    and Bachata. Haiti has Kompa. Haiti also has its own type of Merengue. And
    Cuba has Rumba (which is Salsa), Son Montuno, Guaguanco and Bolero. Brazil

  • German7x7  says:

    you are wrong we puerto rican invented punta, cumbia, vallenato. we don’t
    need to copy from anybody. you are a slave your skin color cuz you complain
    a lots and don’t live life at its fullness.

  • jair niño  says:

    ¡Buena esa killero72!

  • German7x7  says:

    A cumbia e vallenato sao de Porto Rico.

  • Ponape4  says:

    Qué preciosa música de Angola, muito obrigado.

  • Dominicancolor  says:

    Merengue is a Dominican rhythm made with African, European, and Tainos
    music instruments. Merengue was originated in The Dominican Rep. It is a
    Gift of life for all humanity not for haters like you. Dominicans love when
    people from other countris play and enjoy Merengue or any other Dominican
    rhythms. Angola play Dominican music without the tambora and the guira.
    Haitians play like that too but it sounds different. Merengue was born to
    make people happy by listening and dancing.

  • João Santos  says:

    gostava de recordar musicas que eu ouvia quando estava em angola mas não
    dava grande valor a musica angolana mas sempre ficou o ritmo no ouvido,hoje
    em portugal a mais de 38anos e o ritmo que mais gosto de ouvir.

  • foxsy69  says:

    lml@ Ignorance… Blah,blah,blah, #copycats..

  • eduardo sousa  says:

    granda son de Quim dos Santos

  • Waldo Waldins  says:

    You seem intelligent, which is the correct history of Merengue being
    brought onto Angola?

  • soukous70  says:

    Viva Cabinda!

  • Huambo55  says:

    Que saudades !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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