Music Session 1 / Traditional Folk Music (HD) /Medley /Celtic Fiddle Festival / Longlistening

here you can listen to celtic folk music from” celtic fiddle festival.”.a medley about 14:27 min. special thanks for shared clips to:Eurodestination,speedfan…

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33 comments to Music Session 1 / Traditional Folk Music (HD) /Medley /Celtic Fiddle Festival / Longlistening

  • Doug Wise  says:


  • sundresslady  says:

    thank you.?

  • Catherine Stephens  says:

    Lovely ,lovely ,lovely and the music ? You did a wonderful job on the selections. Thank you for a? pleasant 14 minutes and 27seconds of pure bliss.

  • Jackie Chan  says:

    You do not know what you? are saying.

  • Maurice Judge  says:

    this isn’t Irish? music.

  • Nadine McMenamin  says:

    Thank you very much! 😀 If you do come,? Ireland will welcome you 😀 !

  • Sebastian DrGreenthumb  says:

    Your video has sweetened lunch break :)?

  • Tiago Mota Miranda  says:

    You have a beautiful country! Japan, New Zealand, England? and Ireland are on my wish-list and I’ll definitely visit those places one day.

  • Nadine McMenamin  says:

    So proud to be? Irish <3 !

  • vlwaganz  says:

    I love irish music coz? it makes me wanna get up and dance

  • asma atamna  says:

    Such beautiful landscapes!?

  • Savannah Horan  says:

    I watched a special on Ireland? today and have decided I am moving there after college…

  • DaMan869  says:

    I love having Irish heritage. Ireland truly feels like home to? me, although I am an American. I love Irish folk music. Wish I knew how to dance to it.

  • Abdulhadi Alotaibi  says:

    Wow,? thank you

  • Walla WALLE  says:


  • Walla WALLE  says:

    Been using? this for a couple months now. It’s so good! Makes you focus on your paper completely?

  • Brian Day  says:

    Me llamao alfredo?

  • Brian Day  says:

    Me? gusta mucho

  • enoshthapa  says:

    Thank? you!!

  • HDnatureTV  says:

    James Onohan’s channel link is in the? description.

  • fnqoqa  says:

    Plz write me composer and player? how can i download? ???

  • Blessings0fChrist  says:

    great music to study? with

  • Mahdieh Shojaei  says:

    Thankyou soo much!?
    These videos always help me? relax… and they are just the best! 🙂
    keep up with the good work!

  • Angela Angelsar  says:

    So? nice! Thank you.

  • TheAxhol  says:


  • ThePlaydohboy  says:


  • driskaydin  says:

    This is AMAZING! You saved my paper thats due tomorrow:):)? THANKS:)

  • DalyFlips73  says:

    Thanks for? the music. It really helps:)

  • Jack Hopkins  says:

    listen to your music whilst revising. helps? me so much, thanks 🙂

  • missmidnightroses  says:

    *their…keep? working

  • 6789777409  says:

    Very nice?

  • Iluvwolves19  says:

    I was reading and enjoying the music at the same time?

  • Nasser Farhat  says:

    Stop reading comments and go study!?

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