Music culture of India

Music is always been given a high status in the Indian culture. Indian music has many varieties to offer like classical, folk, film and pop. Chanting of Vedic hymns has originated the Indian music, if going by the history. There have been references of many instruments ranging from strings, drums and cymbals in Vedas.

The Vedas has lead to believe the development of Indian music, dance and the performing arts. The term ‘raga’ the base of Indian music was first discovered in 10th century. Sarngadeva listed 264 ragas in the 13th century.

Amir Khusro has been given the credit of introducing classical music to the music system. Initially the songs were composed in Sanskrit language. But with the advent of 16th century, songs started being written in Hindi dialects as well. Surdaas, Tulsidas, Kabir and Mirabai were among the few very popular devotional poets.

It was also during this time around that there was an obvious distinction between North Indian (Hindustani) and South Indian (Carnatic) music. These music forms have been developed over the centuries. It is still deep rooted in the lives of Indian. It is a source of cultural and religious expressions and entertainment.

Classical music is both vocal and instrumental. In earlier days it was performed in temples, courts, in small gatherings, but now in present time it is performed in concerts.

North Indian music or called as Hindustani took shape in north India around the 14th century from various performance practices like folk, theatrical and religious.

Carnatic music shows its development from the 16th century and onwards. Carnatic music lays more emphasis on vocal and majority of the compositions written are sung.

Indian folk music also has a vast variety. It includes like of Bhangra, Lavani, Dandiya, Rajasthani, etc. This music has shown its influence on classical music as well. They have left their impact on the classical styles, by the use of instruments. Mostly folk music is dance oriented in India.

Ghazal, another form which is famous in India, in not exactly music form but more of poetic recitation. It has roots associated with Arabic poetry and was introduced by the Muslims near in the 12th century. Qawali is a Sufi form of devotional music. It is based on Hindustani classical principals.

Films or movies are hardly made without songs and music, and these songs are based on Indian music form.

Indian music forms are a rage all over the world, and also in India. It is one of those performing arts that have high regards in the hearts of every individual.

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