Lily Nhar by Amin Kamal

This wonderful song was written by Amin Kamal and recorded on a casual rooftop in Essaouira, Morocco in January 2011. Played by Amin Kamal, Simo, Aimar Kalamar, and Karoline Nolsø Aaen. No fancy equipment used – but nice people.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hoba Hoba Spirit - Black Mossiba

Brand New Tune From The Best Moroccan Rock Band ” Hoba Hoba Spirit’s Last Album : Nafs & Niya (2010) …” Great tune … !!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 comments to Lily Nhar by Amin Kamal

  • Ayoub Tioutchi  says:

    supeeeeeerbe (Y) ,can we got?? the lyrics please

  • trutub3  says:

    5:18 >> Why she said ” OK DONT SING AGAIN” tell me that was a joke please T-T ?

  • Mizi yian  says:

    Pas mal !!?

  • Myr Karafi  says:

    super :)? (y)

  • brahim chhaibi  says:

    thank you guys for? this awesome instrument part 🙂 good luck , we waiting for you

  • mimou lindemann  says:

    i’m very impressed of you guys <3 much love from Algeria? luv ya

  • adel boukouja  says:

    One of the Most wonderful talent i had ever Met

  • mhammed tenes  says:

    tooop….bravo? les gas

  • youssef chaachoui  says:

    Vous devez chanter pour l’association “Playin for? change” ! ENORME

  • Marouane Badaouini  says:

    can we got the lyrics pleaaase? ^^

  • bghiles  says:

    superbe bonne? continuation !! salutations d’AlgĂ©rie !

  • alexander ibra  says:

    khouya amin ila jate 3lla khaterk 3tini tab? neta3 had song

  • youssef alaoui  says:

    Great? hoba hoba

  • Fleeting00  says:

    1 personne n’aime pas, c’est un joueur? de l’equipe nationnal x)

  • Adil Ansseti  says:

    milles merci…je? cherchais ces mots…

  • TASSAWII  says:

    3alaaaaaaaaaaam 10/10?

  • berramed  says:

    I? agree

  • vagrantstroy  says:

    kora nefs ou neya?

  • Ali Outtalab  says:

    merci bcp a hoba? dima nayda m3akoum

  • Othman MESLOUH  says:

    VoilĂ  comment diffuser une vĂ©ritĂ© sous? une ambiance Hayha…

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