16 comments to Ke$ha – TiK ToK

  • Dinosaur Junior.  says:

    I have a question. Does Kesha write her own songs??

  • Marilena Hemmings  says:

    oh oh oh oh oh !!!?

  • Veera Moorthy  says:

    tik tok?

  • Ellie ELL  says:

    Check out this song it is so awesome?

  • anais charpentier  says:

    Elle et tro bien les fille regarder?

  • queen Nastassia the hedgehog  says:

    😀 omg I love this song ?

  • Sruthy Horan  says:

    freaking love this song!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Shane Grady  says:

    Ke$ha is actually a really intelligent person and good writer! Half of the
    songs she was featured on she wrote in the first place…. You can say or
    think whatever you choose but…THE GIRL ACTUALLY WRITES HER OWN MUSIC.

  • SHINing2NE1  says:

    Autotune-Level: IT’S OVER 9000!?

  • Falamu445  says:

    Why does the American female fly her country’s flag with SUCH pride when
    she well knows of its actions in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, etc.??

  • adore gomez  says:

    dis song is osum……?

  • bud jones  says:

    this is crap and she’s an idiot?

  • Olivia KeSha  says:

    Ma life <3?

  • sarika Fauzi  says:

    did you know that Kesha has an IQ of 140. she also scored 1500 on her SAT.
    so shut up don’t judge people because of this nice catchy tune.?

  • Jesse T  says:

    If Kesha is the role model of so many girls, I can totally see why there
    are so many trashy women nowadays.?

  • Elaine Tipeno  says:

    auto tune much…?

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