Justin Bieber – Boyfriend HD – OFFICIAL VIDEO – Parody

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25 comments to Justin Bieber – Boyfriend HD – OFFICIAL VIDEO – Parody

  • Shanika Daniel  says:

    this is my favorite parody?

  • tom caine  says:

    dena? loves you justin bieber

  • Oana Yo  says:

    very very? funny=))

  • LanguageNerd09  says:

    I’ve seen a few now, yeah! 🙂 ?

  • young60minutes  says:

    Suscribe my Channel?

  • jasminojt  says:

    Justin is the best so put the comments in your? ass !!!

  • karanjeet346  says:

    Nice video……………?

  • Walayat Ali  says:

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  • ann imesashvili  says:

    fuck justin. fuck you?

  • Chuhao Wang  says:

    I thought it is the oringinal tone?

  • Oliver Kühner  says:


  • Sampark Pattnaik  says:


  • dylanhowe27  says:

    3:28 is so? scary

  • anlu12363  says:

    Sacan webadas.?

  • cpearson971  says:

    at 1:25 it sound it like she? cused

  • Zelia Rodrigues  says:

    S. C. A. R. Y?

  • enderdragona  says:

    so creepy? 🙁

  • dav816dj  says:

    Do. You. Boy. Yes. Or. ? No

  • dav816dj  says:

    Me. And. My. Sister. ? Love. Sogs

  • michchelly  says:

    sie ist zwar nicht? schoen kann aber perfekt singen:-)

  • violettabarykin  says:

    das medel? ist net schon:)

  • Corina Zingg  says:


  • michelerux98  says:

    look my? channel!!!

  • Muhannad Omari  says:

    So nice? you are amazing

  • HorseLover5399  says:

    This? is really funny… And yet creepy…

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