Irina – Tribal Fusion Bellydance improvisation – World Dance New York

Irina - Tribal Fusion Bellydance improvisation - World Dance New York

from “The Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workout” DVD by Irina Dance, fitness, modeling instruction – video DVD / iPhone, iPad Apps: http Music: “Retrying” by Mossy (Christian Mossuto), album “Alone and Forgotten”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 comments to Irina – Tribal Fusion Bellydance improvisation – World Dance New York

  • Carolina M.  says:

    How touching…?

  • pazamorfelicidade1  says:

    this? is the best dance i have ever seen.

  • prmsolver  says:

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  • n8glenn  says:

    The? force is strong with this one…

  • Nefertitidancer  says:

    Loved the photography at the beginning and the? music. She is beautiful and her movements are so controlled and graceful, very feminine. Perfect!

  • Aja Walker  says:

    absolutely? beautiful

  • MrYuniarka  says:

    Hey, have you tried out “Belly Fat Quencher” (just google it)? There you can watch a helpful free video. It helped Heather to get rid of her stomach fat. Perhaps it will help? you out as well.

  • Trashboat101  says:

    I want this? dvd

  • masterzaga44  says:

    love? it!!!

  • Tina Marie  says:

    I love this? tune…can someone tell me the title and artist?

  • juan quiroz  says:

    the wonderfull thing i ever seen a? woman does with her body

  • Rebecca Gallardo  says:

    fantastic!…i love? the way she moves….amazing…

  • DuyHieninJ  says:

    i really love this >__

  • Rocco P  says:

    flying like a bird ….in a? sweet dream!!

  • JoczekChloe  says:

    Her dance is beautiful,but I could only realize it after 1:20…the first one and a half minute was very boring,I think and I was just about to switch to another video when she finally showed some variety.Her technique is really breath takingly beautiful but she should go to a teacher who can teach her how to? put a coreo together

  • StolichnayaCzara  says:

    beautiful take? on modern bellydance…. Ancient meets the now! stunning!

  • vaios46ify  says:

    Poli ti goustaro?

  • hermione marshall  says:

    très très belle maitrise de son corps!!?

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