Instruments defining the canadian Folk Music

Instruments defining the canadian Folk Music

The  Traditional songs handed through the generations express the people’s belief, history and stories which define the foundation of folk music. The Folk music relies on specific instruments such as the accordion, banjo or dulcimer to provide a cultural connection to the lyrics. In folk music,the  rhythms and tunes may be altered and the words may be changed or combined to form something new. The Canadian Folk songs include the ballads, traditional melodies and sea shanties with topics such as work or prison, war, peace, spiritual, celebration and finally dance. From the  ancestral roots, the folk instruments have the proficiency  progress over the contemporary rock music.

Accordion :

The Celtic folk music leans towards the piano accordions, while the African folk music prefers the diatonic ones. The most basic elements of an accordion consist of the bellows and reeds. Then it is Operated by hand with the bellows, which are pushed in and out to vibrate the reeds. The usage of Accordions  in folk traditions began in countries such as Germany, Austria and Italy. The accordion in American folk music was first documented in Louisiana in 1871. Then the Accordions originally had buttons on both sides, but the instrument evolved  has both the buttons and keyboard. The Accordions fall into three categories like diatonic, concertinas and piano with the diatonic most frequently used in the  folk music.


The banjo in Irish, Appalachian Mountain and southern folk music. This folk instrument was derived from several African instruments developed by African slaves in Colonial America. As one of the most familiar symbols of American folk music and culture, the banjo is comprised of four or five strings. With a rimmed flattish gourd body, it is similar to its predecessors, the West African molo and the Gambian akonting. When plucked, the banjo strings vibrate across a stretched hide or other drum-like parchment to amplify its sound and clarify the tone. The banjo progressed through phases of American culture such as the “minstrel stage,” living room parlors, picking parties and concert halls.


Then Appreciate the Appalachian dulcimer in Scottish, French Canadian and German folk music. The Appalachian dulcimer, a string instrument of the zither family, features three to four strings. The Appalachian dulcimer is placed flat on the lap and then strummed with one hand and fretted with the other. The strings are  made from a thin, flexible type of wire used for making brooms. The hammered version, which is unrelated to the Appalachian version, derives from Asia and Eastern Europe. It has two to four strings tuned to the same pitch stretched over a bridged trapezoid shape. The instrument rests on a stand at an angle while the musician strikes the strings simultaneously with small, rigid wooden hammers to produce the melody. Musicians use spoon-shaped or double-sided hammers.They may have padding or wood, depending on the tonal quality the song requires.

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