Inspire Africa: Influencing the lives of Africans around the world

Inspire Africa: Influencing the lives of Africans around the world

The Inspire Africa Foundation, a human investment arm of Inspire Africa Ltd., is a non-profit organization set up by Mo Abudu, the TV personality and entrepreneur beyond compare who has been instrumental in uplifting the image of Africa on a global level with her innovative endeavors. The foundation basically focuses on raising funds for societal reforms, by the means of identifying and harnessing resources to bring about a positive change. The purpose is to bring about an improvement in the way the underprivileged have been treated, and remove the obstacles that lie in their path to a normal livelihood.

In January 2009, the Mo Abudu led Inspire Africa Foundation, along with ‘Moments with Mo’, UNICEF and the Lagos State Government organized a charity benefit concert bearing the theme “Rock with a Conscience”. Donations collected from the same were dedicated towards the protection of street children from exploitation and abuse. There were a number of world-renowned music artists, and the event was a huge success, serving as the perfect blend of entertainment and philanthropy! One of the performances was the Inspire Africa theme song “Let’s go save a child”, which featured many prominent Nigerian music artists. A documentary on street children was also presented, in order too bring about awareness regarding their plight among audiences.

Mo Abudu‘s brainchild has also organized Nigeria’s first telethon in January, 2009 itself, which was actually a promotional build-up to the actual concert. According to the foundation, the proceeds from this event too, would be utilized in improving the lives of the Lagos street children by the means of building reception centers where they would impart them life skills training and income generating skills training, so that they can lead a confident and self-dependent life in the years to come.

All in all, Mo Abudu has proven yet again, that it’s not only important to be successful, but also to use that fame and fortune to the benefit of others.

Mo Abudu is a well-renowned media personality, who has done a great job in various areas like producing TV shows and serving as a popular human resource management consultant and entrepreneur. She has now decided to take an initiative to tell the world her experiences of the recent few years.

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