Habib Koite Sirata

Habib Koite Sirata

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Hancock re-recorded the tune for Head Hunters (1973), combining synthesizers with a Sly Stone and James Brown funk influence, adding an eight-bar section. Hancock described his composition “Chameleon”, also from Head Hunters, to Down Beat magazine in 1979: “In the popular forms of funk, which I’ve been trying to get into, the attention is on the rhythmic interplay between different instruments. The part the Clavinet plays has to fit with the part the drums play and the line the bass plays and the line that the guitar plays. It’s almost like African drummers where seven drummers play different parts”; “Watermelon Man” shares a similar construction. A live version was released on the double LP Flood (1975), recorded in Japan. On the intro and outro of the tune, percussionist Bill Summers blows into a beer bottle imitating hindewhu, a style of singing/whistle-playing found in Pygmy music of Central Africa. Hancock and Summers were struck by the sound, which they heard on the ethnomusicology LP, The Music of the Ba-Benzélé Pygmies (1966), by Simha Arom and Genviève Taurelle.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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39 comments to Habib Koite Sirata

  • herndonboy13  says:

    Interesting in arabic sirat? means path as well

  • Sherry Kamphus  says:

    so calming..? thank you…

  • rtothemutha  says:

    ….song so soothing, isn’t it….


  • Sheila G-La  says:

    So Gentle, so sweet… Thank you..lovely, Please, is there any chance of? full a translation?

  • Irakli Sarjveladze  says:

    such a beautiful song and so many awkward words like “f*cking” …

  • 14FAILX41  says:

    i? hear the beauty but i don’t understand it..

  • AmbientBlack  says:

    Beautiful song. You cannot translate it without destroying it’s poetry but somehow if? you do not speak the language even I believe those people can hear the beauty in it.

  • TheKongsmo  says:


  • mamboking baba  says:

    but? in this song he is talking about road and then he talks at some of first child sira folo

  • mamboking baba  says:

    he says no matter how long a road may be it will end at some point and so on.the song is deep and onyone who tries to translate it will betray its true meaning..also sira means road? and it is the bambara name for tobacco ..ty

  • mamboking baba  says:

    sira means? first child cmon now lol

  • TRSierpe  says:

    WOOOOOWWWW!!! I didn’t know the meaning and sometimes cryed because this song is very beautiful, but now you? wrote this, it gives me the chills!!!

  • ndufcat  says:

    I do not understand a word he? is saying but his music is beautiful, the beats, everything! I am feeling this music a lot. This is the 3rd song I clicked on and I’m still in love. I’m off to buy his cd…now this is music I know I will still love 20 years later!!! reat job Habib!

  • Jen Caba  says:

    Pégate al ritmo, la? cadencia y déjate llevar, al punto de la simplicidad perfecta.

  • Wilton Lewis  says:

    its beautiful in every way,? love it and cant stop listening to all his songs

  • Bass Mamadou  says:

    I am sorry to crerrect what you wrote about this song. Siarat means the part belonging to Sira. Sira is the name of the first daughter in a manding family. The birth of a daughter is a good sign,? because she will be the first one who take care of the family, when mother dies. In this song Habib says: “When you die, youdaughter will take care of your family. Beacuse God has given her the capability.”

  • Bechir Baba Diarra  says:

    Sirata is a song dedicated to someone special,someone you love and sira means first daughter or even the daughter you love very very? much.Sirata=Sira(daughter) Ta(hers) or (something which belong to Sira).

  • Bechir Baba Diarra  says:

    You got it but sira means road and in the meanwhile it means first daughter too.In that song,it means first daughter and specifically the one you love very much.Sirata in this song means something for Sira,her part of something.It can be her part of clothes,gold or anything good? to her.

  • Maru1954able  says:

    Wow! Can’t stop listening? over and over…beautiful!

  • kykosha1  says:

    Magique, Magnifique… trop bon ! Encore et encore ?

  • sahara shmidth  says:

    So the song is? for Sira, the first daughter, I’m the Coumba and my name Sahra , what about me? my younger sister the first her name Sawsan it’s a kind of white flower..so the song is about the life and white flower, smile.. Sira means the road? or travel …what ever the song sound beautiful .

  • AmbientBlack  says:

    It is arabic and he is raising his? hands like in dua

  • Debb Starr  says:

    Too bad there isn’t a word meaning “beyond soul” ’cause this is. ? Maybe soul cubed? 🙂

  • Alahjandro Dagrate  says:

    this is just plain out amazing.

  • Thomas Cook  says:

    Mind? = blown


    Sheer? GENIOUS…

  • Paul Jensen  says:


  • AdGarUK  says:

    You seriously? have a terrible taste in music if you think this sounds bad.

  • James Mason  says:

    best.? intro. ever.

  • BinauralBrainwave  says:

    when the guitar comes in? @ 1:18….too sweet

  • Highnightt  says:

    it? is.

  • fuzzytimes187  says:

    1 900 LL Cool? J

  • RobertVincent1984  says:

    Sampled for Shaq’s I Hate? 2 Brag

  • shadowball2361  says:

    This like Charlie Gordon?

  • Michelle Doherty  says:

    This is sex.?

  • Thedefication  says:

    Thumbs up if you? caught yourself bobbing your head to this!!

  • jose diaz  says:

    Guy Mariano – Mouse?

  • rudimentguy  says:

    And the drummer the? “pocket” minister

  • veeseee128  says:

    sounds? queer

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