21 comments to Gogol Bordello – Tribal Connection – Reading Festival 2010

  • nazdrovie uberalles  says:


  • linkinboss2  says:

    do you have? the whole show?

  • millo24  says:

    what a great combination of the world and? cultures and music.

  • katerinazhilina  says:

    its quite boring? – say every time “x persons, who disliked, are….”
    fed up with, not funny

  • rammers2006  says:

    Terrific performance….even though Eugene can take too much vocal parts – intentionally nice ethnic? parts, diverse add hoc vocals on the produced stuff. But this along with the other songs is a great leap and testimony to a remarkable band (band means team!)… if theres 4 tracks from this set to have on repeat all day long, these are they! Peace.

  • rammers2006  says:

    1 person has? no soul……..

  • pearceokeeffe  says:

    yeah, this was my first weekend at reading festival. It set the vibe for an amazing? weekend but Gogol Bordello should definately be playing higher up the bill

  • 1m60  says:

    same vibe as la mano negra in? live

  • captainscurvy13  says:

    positive energy for a creative? universe

  • Francisco Ramirez  says:

    what minute??

  • Francisco Ramirez  says:

    this and…? the live in optimus alive 2010 😛

  • Dylan Faverey  says:

    this is probably? the best live performance of this song

  • giannuzzo66  says:

    grande ************?

  • joannaa25  says:

    agreed. hands down one of the greatest? shows I’ve ever been to in my life.

  • junkyardjulie  says:

    My love for you, Gogol Bordello,? is enormous. I’ve never been happier than I’ve been on your gigs. I wish I could see you more often than once a year!

    & thanks to you who uploaded this video

  • InRedBlueGreen13  says:

    Everyone look out for Adam Sales. He was in? front of where the camera swings from.

  • MrCuntbollocks  says:

    focking wicked? band

  • salesywhale  says:

    this was the highlight of? reading

  • UltimatArmade  says:

    yesterday in verona, they started with this? one

  • kazak3330  says:

    3:58 – ????? ?????? ??????? ?????)

  • MrKennethfelch  says:

    gogol at hmv forum:? best show i’ve ever been to. do they always start with this song?

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