Girls` Generation(????) _ Gee _ MusicVideo

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20 comments to Girls` Generation(????) _ Gee _ MusicVideo

  • DarkPinayLover  says:

    You cant add fake views.

    Hyoyeon is my *seoul-mate*.
    I am somewhat a kpop fan, an snsd fan for sure, as well as WGs, Secret, and 2ne1. Primarily I am a Hyoyeon fan. They? told me to watch the vids of her on Korean TV. I did,+ found that Hyoyeon is magic. To me,shes always been รผber-cute.Hot bod,sexy moves, sexy voice,+ the total package.

  • alonk alonkii  says:

    try to look more for them, then? you will find them unique and different.
    If you look more for them, prepare for Soshidiction X)

  • ailine leonrmand  says:

    JESSICE ?????? ?????????????????? ??? ‘

  • hebe tien  says:


  • 5tingsnsd  says:

    vot? cho igab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SuperTentacleGrape  says:

    They all look the? same

  • SONE Vietnam  says:

    let’s go sone GEE 100,000,000? views
    and I GOT A BOY 20,000,000 views in today’s

  • L321S  says:

    watch?v=bhqfwj3iwxs? WATCH IT!!!!!? :))))

  • GeekMaster6000  says:

    It’s incredibly interesting to me that so? many fans feel so strongly about how great their favorite groups are, but think they need to boost views for other people to realize it as well. I absolutely love Girls’ Generation, but I think it’s a little sad that people can’t just love them by virtue of the quality of their music on their own.

  • pokemonorb  says:

    Have to agree with you. The views might be some fans repeating the video all over again. They are a great group. We don’t like a certain group because of the number of vies, but the song? itself.

  • GeekMaster6000  says:

    But what’s the point? Girls’ Generation is a great group — They don’t need illegitimate help to be popular. The fact that anyone would want to give them fake? views says something about how much confidence they have in the group’s popularity.

  • Adam Whitney  says:

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    If this comes off as spam, sorry.
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    It would be highly appreciated if you thumbs up this comment so my music can be heard!
    Thank you,
    Adam? Whitney

  • renyuni  says:

    (Yoona +? Seohyun)/2 = Yuri

  • KanPiOmeP4002  says:

    If that’s how u word it then pretty much all kpop fandoms are “whores” not only Sones…? Why? Is it bad to make ur fav group popular? =P

  • WhatBriannaHates  says:

    This look an advertisement for old? navy lol

  • sera Masumi  says:

    next is 100? milions!!!

  • Sone jory  says:

    We can? do it

  • kyiozzky3exk  says:

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  • Kitty Quach  says:

    wow 95 million! so fast! just? keep view as much as we can! ๐Ÿ˜€ SNSD fighting, get go reached 100 millions

  • dungdoan204  says:

    I think PSY quickly forgotten in showbis because he has only one hit is Gangnam style, but SNSD will not easily be forgotten because the song Gee? – I got a great boy all great

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