Find Legal Music Downloads| Free Music Downloads Legally

Find Legal Music Downloads| Free Music Downloads Legally

Find Free Legal Music Downloads That Will Work With Your Ipod or virtually any mp3 player. Everyone got kinda nervous about downloading music online from file sharing networks and finding free music downloads is getting harder and harder. All of the major players are still their but all of them are charging and arm and a leg to make sure the record labels and artists are getting their fair share.

I have searched high and low all over the internet for free legal music downloads and to be honest their are a few that say free and then when you get their they charge you a one time small fee. And they may not be “On The Up And Up.” One Music download site has really started giving Napster and Real Some Serious Competion. E-Music (link at Bottom) is giving a way free legal music downloads everyday. They also give away 25 free downloads without crazy restrictions. Right Now E-music is beating every legal free music download service online. If you would like to see more free legal music download services please visit my blog which will be updated daily as I find good sites. Find More Free Music Download Websites Legal And The Kinda Shady Ones At Legal Music Review Blog

Free Legal Music Download Sites used to be just file sharing or network sites, which appear to be walking a fine line of legality right now. There are many reports of people like me even getting arrest and fined for sharing this information with people looking for free legal music downloads. But the sites that I suggest are believed to be 100% legal, in the event that the free legal music download sites are not legal, I must say that I told you “ENTER AND DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK”.

It would not be such a big deal to the artist and record labels for you to share a little music but they did create and promote the music and deserve their fair share. If the file sharing networks would work out a deal and pay the record lables and artists based on how many times the song was downloaded and you paid a membership fee, then the network would be responsible to the music execs for your free legal music downloads. If you are thinking about an unlimited free music download service with networking and just a one time fee for membership the check out the blog for the latest underground secret societies. If you are wanting to be guaranteed 100% legal then I suggest the E-Music deal at the bottom of this article. Free Legal music downloads at their best.

Legal Music Downloads are still available if you look long enough and hard enough. Again if you get caught downloading free illegal music you except all responsibilities for your actions. The basic way you can tell if a site is legally downloading music is if the website charges for their service even if it is a small fee they are probably paying the record lables and recording artists, bands, etc for the right to distribute the music. Many site may say free legal music downloads, but really they have to charge some type of fee.

The reason numero uno for the E-music legal music download it that their music is DRM free. basically once you buy a song you own it without restrictions of use for the most part. If you want to burn a copy for the cd player and put a copy on you Ipod or mp3 player you can and shouldn’t get into any trouble for that. The legal music download from e-music also will not lock your media player up like other sites dfo if you don’t pay a subscription fee. Several years back aftere napster got in trouble for illegally transfering music, they started their subscription service. After several months of downloading music, one month I didn’t pay the subscription. They Locked all my music up and would not ever let me play it again. E-music will never lock your music up so that you can not play it with secret software.

Take my advice Because I have searched long and hard for a quality legal music download place and this is the best so far. Favorite my blog and keep checking, maybe later more free legal music download site will pop up soon.


eMusic’s FREE Daily Download!

Find More Free Music Download Websites Legal And The Kinda Shady Ones At Legal Music Review Blog

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