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18 comments to Enrique Iglesias – Hero

  • Sammy Wu  says:

    jennifer love hewitt?

  • martinpufka  says:

    is? that jennifer ??

  • Alper Tannur  says:

    annem babama nas?l verdi acaba neler hissetti? ba?l???ndaki hikayeden gelen panpalar bi ?ukulas?n

  • TheByjumper  says:

    Annenin bu ?ark?ya? olan sevgisini aç?kl?yor, yarrak gibi oldu?undanm??.

  • Chantal Streeter  says:

    i love this song? so much! it makes me sad everytime i listen to it… but i love the song

  • stefanscirban  says:

    Hey guys I would be very happy and thankful if you would check out my cover of this song! Thumb up so more people? can see! ty 🙂

  • Becca Adhiambo  says:

    its 2013 n i still love? this song! daaaamn!

  • BGmodderz  says:

    This is grown? folks music lol

  • Honeylipzzx  says:

    This is? the best of the oldies,before all tht satintonc shit this is the music i grew up on

  • ArgyleM1690  says:

    He paid a lot of money to get her to play in the music vid?

  • Ertu?rul Alta?  says:

    böyle yarrak gibi ?ark?lar? dinleyen embesillerde var? amk.!

  • Luckyhaqi  says:

    alt?n? ?er incisi ker? CcC Lucky reis CcC 🙂

  • PhyllisJ Bailea  says:

    I want everyone to? know this!

  • HiTMaN AHMED  says:

    this man making clips for F**KING not for? SINGING !!!! XD

  • 4TehLulzies  says:

    Such a good song for your first time. (If ya? know what I mean) ;D

  • Brittany Chambers  says:

    this just makes me think of what i dont have ……. i can be your hero baby…? well i have no hero …gdmn this is why i should stick to death metal ….

  • TheSmacTreatment  says:

    Jennifer Love Hewitt (hope I spelled that? right) is an excellent actress

  • Quoc Huy Nguyen  says:

    i like it

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