Deep Dish – Global Underground 021 Moscow CD 1

Artist: Deep Dish Title: Global Underground 021 Moscow Label: Global Underground UK Released: 2001 Genre: House, Progressive, Deep, Tribal … Tracklist: 01. 16B Featuring Morel – Escape (Driving To Heaven) 02. Soul Providers Featuring Michelle Shellers – Rise (MAS Collective Mix) 03. G-Pal Presents GHOS – I Can See The Lights 04. El Greco – Night Watch (Tribal Mix) 05. Mechas – Hot (Original Mix) 06. Nat Monday – Waiting (John Creamer And Stephane K Remix) 07. Sshh – Hold That Body (Wally Lopez And Dr. Kucho Mix) 08. Manaca, Chus & Ceballos – The Strong Rhythm (Urban Tribe Remix) 09. Dido – Thank You (Deep Dish Remix) 10. Chab – The Dub Session (A Cooler – A Harder Dub) 11. iiO – Rapture (Deep Dish Space Remix) 12. Dakota – Lost In Brixton
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

36 comments to Deep Dish – Global Underground 021 Moscow CD 1

  • laza20101  says:

    dido-thank? you

  • leebmbs  says:

    fantastic journey?

  • drdani20  says:

    im only 22 so i was 11 when this came out, my father loved kraftwerk listened to it all day? long i was dancin to it when i was 3 years old 😀 i love electronic music, and have to admit it, prog house in this style is the best, quality. Nowadays elec. music is garbage. Best sounds 00-07 prog

  • Ivan Burgos  says:

    ufffff…the best of house? ..esto es musica elegante

  • hrmoore41  says:

    The fact that what we were jamming out to, when it was underground 10-15 years ago is now mainstream just goes to show we knew what the hell we were talkin? about…Beats dont lie!!

  • boylee1968  says:

    It’s ok , they’ve been rounded up &? wont be bothering anyone again !!

  • kidkerouac  says:

    Best GU comp by miles.?

  • victorimyf  says:

    Now you made me cry because? it’s over and I was not a part of it,

  • MrSarezasss  says:

    wow, nine idiots managed to somehow dislike? this :}

  • raginraven31  says:

    Best? comment Ive seen in a while. Thank you!

  • Jannike Thomassen  says:

    BUT the last few months there`s been a change. And for the first time in 3-4 years I`ve actually been out 2 days on a row and danced for at least 4-5 hours. The drive is becoming back, not so many fucking brakes and funny sounds. Just pure good. hard and playful house,? so you are not able to sit down a second. Made me VERY happy- a bit similar to the good old DJ Jean and some of the tracks on the IT club CD`s (8 and 9) Thank you…hope they all get it soon -and start playing what they play best

  • Jannike Thomassen  says:

    I`m born in 76, and I totally agree with mr 75. They haven`t made any good house music for years (in general) and it`s bull to say it`s because we`re getting old. Good music is good music, simple as that. I`ve had so many f…fights with DJ mr WTF`s his name. They think their God, but I`ve had better music in the car., It`s not true theres a lot of good music if you only know where to look either. I know exactly where to look, but even the ones who played my pants off before have been off course?

  • Ilovelasvegas Nevada  says:

    no. its because it was the best time for prog house. just like the late to mid 90’s was the peak for hip hop and the late 90’s to early 2000’s were the peak for dnb. age has nothing to do with? quality/good music. todays dubstep pop edm era is mostly pure shit. even MY grandma would say that…

  • Ilovelasvegas Nevada  says:

    john digweed los angeles, deep dish moscow, james lavelle barcelona…the 3 best global underground mixes.? hands down. follow by layo and bushwackas rio and danny tenaglias london. peace.

  • Consan Chino Flow  says:

    Quien me dice como conseguir este CD-1 y el num. 2 Deep Dish – Global Underground 021 Moscú CD? 1 & CD 2, como lo bajo en MP-3 porfy?

  • Sigmin12  says:

    Et pour 17 joints achetés,? le 18e est offert !

  • TheSabineClaase  says:


  • Globulerougeetblanc  says:

    Va dire ça à? Alphonse Robichu

  • ntmrap7  says:

    Mushroom must be better 🙂 or Dmt,? LSD, or anything else like hallucinogen

  • Nunito Nick  says:

    This Didjeridu…in all tracks, is something? for another ” :Dimension” ?? ? ? ? stars

  • The Dude  says:

    amazingly powerful? song

  • nike2310987  says:

    Lost theory 2012!!! best? time ever 🙂

  • TheGoaBase  says:

    Love from Greece for all the Globe!?

  • Hannn3s  says:

    Haha genau deshalb!!!
    Ich bin ja mal mega Fan seit der Antaris :))?

  • Jannik91bk  says:


  • roux yvan  says:

    meme? deux joints

  • Clara-Marie Leon  says:

    un joint *?

  • SuperTwinkelstar  says:

    Love? tis

  • GuardBoy91  says:

    Hella love this!!!! <3 from San Francisco? CALIFORNIA!!!

  • tb431  says:

    finland aint cold?

  • DFxCOMPxPRO  says:

    Sbedembebedembe eeeeeeeeeeeeèèèèèèèèè sbedembedebemde?

  • pacific42ocean  says:

    I love the sound of didgeridoo, it always makes me party! :3 Greetings from cold? Finland!! :3

  • helena burton  says:

    awsome!! dont u beautifull people? miss them next BOOM 2012…!!!!!

  • MarkRagin  says:

    I do not have many subscribers, nor advertisiments on YT. This is the only way of getting heard.
    Im 18, Techno/? Trance mixer. Listen to my new mix,? Dj Argin – You Found Me on my acc. Give me a chance, pls!

  • PiPphiltitley  says:

    Thank You Kindly for sharing

    peace? n love all

    stay safe pip

  • elkamix  says:

    thanks? to 15 haters ‘like’ bar is now a joint

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