Cool Music images

Some cool music images:

Music without Lyrics
Image by iShé* [soluztrella]
Former PoP boyband member, Alex Fletcher, in the middle of a struggle to chose between career and being loyal to himself and his partner in crime, pretty lyricist Sophie Fisher.

From the movie: Music & Lyrics.

Taken directly to the screen of the cinema.

Swamp Music
Image by Raymond Larose
Autumn is still kicking in NH. Peak this weekend in southern NH, though we have a nasty Nor’Easter dumping inches of rain on us today. High winds tonight up to 50MPH gusts.

As an aside, thinking of picking up a Hasselblad like my friend Edward did. Thoughts?

? Play some Swamp Music by Skynyrd

Nikon D700 + Carl Zeiss 35mm

The journey is the reward. Please, no group invitations or badges.

013a it’s over now the music of the night
Image by tech no logic
I’ve always had a very sad relation to music. while I always, always loved it, I’ve had no way to express it. I am completely tone mute. I can’t hold a rhythm, tone, do the right things at the right time. when I was younger, I wanted to paint the music. just because I loved it. I failed. and I can’t even sing for myself and enjoy it. I am far from tone deaf. I can’t listen to false singing. including me. dancing, no. I have no control over my body, I really can’t do the right things at the right time. even though I danced for six years! I guess the hardest part is that I know I’m wrong, I am so wrong in the song and so I stop, so I won’t ruin the beautiful music.

so, I have come to the point where I accepted I’m not supposed to make music. I’m not supposed to sing, or play any cool instrument, or dance to wonderful music. it’s just not in me. it’s sad, yes. but honestly, I have nothing to give when it comes to music. I’ll just listen, and I guess that’s enough.

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