Commercial music and knowhow about blanket music licenses

There are many types of music available in the world. Some types are licensed as free and for everybody to use and modify. The other type is kept under commercial license. Commercial music is nothing but which brings in money to the artists if you try to download it to listen and keep. Being an artist you cannot just produce music for free and then live upon it. You have to earn money out of it. There came the concept of music for commercial use. It is seen that artists who produce songs do not have a special liking towards music for commercial use.

You have seen many multinational companies and others using songs or music for their product launch or theme music for their products and branding. These songs are being produced by artists from whom the music is being bought by these companies for their use but without their name. Artists who work day and night to produce quality music do not like it as they think that it is an insult on their part.

Nowadays the scenario has changed a lot. Artists who are not being able to sing or produce music so well can even do it by auto tuners and digitized equipment and sell it over in a huge price making it a music for commercial use. Music for commercial use cannot be downloaded from websites illegally and neither do you get them in retail shops selling music. They should be very rhythmic so that it goes with every person’s mood and thus sells out more after all this is what it is made for, to make money. The lyrics should also be of high quality which should touch souls. The last important factor of Music for commercial use is that the music should be not much lengthy or else it will lose its’ interest.

Blanket music licenses are licenses which are being issued by the concerned music authorities for act of broadcasting the music. The license is issued for a stipulated period of time usually as rent or in lease. Radio Stations need to play different types of music either on demand or in their usual process. Thus they need to have access to the songs which they would play in their stations. This is achieved through blanket music licenses. In this they are not buying the music but they are taking it in lease which does their work and saves them money. Blanket music licenses are also required by clubs, special night clubs as they have to play different music compositions.

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