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21 comments to Arabic Titanic Song

  • betul kalkan  says:

    I am a Turkish, I want to say that God created all the languages cause it is the beauty of diversity english, italian, germany.. all? of them is a great blessing for us, and arabic languages also so amazing it is the language of Heaven Elhamdulillah..impressive..thank you for sharing..


    QQQ? ms5ra
    sho jeb Celine Dion la hede QQQ
    hahahahhahahhahahahahahaahh 2la arabic version hahahha

  • AzElektraa  says:

    so? beautiful:(

  • nyr9teen9d4  says:

    Yes very? good song. PERFECT for the movie.

  • ArabianDreamPali  says:

    i think this song is beautiful in? any language..its heart touching

  • nyr9teen9d4  says:

    OMG It’s? so beautiful. Her voice is flawless…

  • RusdemLAZo  says:

    I am turk this is nice? 🙂

  • nocnypelikan  says:

    Allah’ u Akbar?

  • TheGoother99  says:

    lazm? 2anazelha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali Mohamed  says:

    WTF? ????

  • sammor660  says:

    Arabic is the Language of PARADISE!? this song is beautiful,? no matter what language it is in! so shut up haters n enjoy the music!! 🙂

  • John Black  says:

    That’s a filthy? lie. The Hadith that says that is not saheeh! It is a racist Hadith that no Ullamah acknowledges.

  • bff9381  says:



  • anjalinaify  says:

    ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? ??? ???? ???????? ????!? ??? ????? ?????? ????

  • Norly Taquines  says:

    nice song i like it? 😀 😀 😀

  • smuler42  says:

    Why is? there some pics of shayia?

  • marsel mtani  says:

    ana 3rbi but i think the english is better?

  • AndrejDanc14  says:

    i know 🙂 it is but which dialect? lebanese?

  • khalid mufti  says:

    and yeah? this soung is awesom 😀 and sweet :3

  • khalid mufti  says:

    Aman brother !! >:D arabic language is the best language ever !!! ??? ?? ????? ??? ???? ??? ???? ???? >:D

  • khalid mufti  says:

    *btw i am? an arabic person *

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