AppChat – Liqua Pop (Worlds) App Review & Gameplay

Check out the review and gameplay of liqua pop for the iPhone, ipod touch (and ipad). Get it: Follow me: Background music used with permission:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Yelawolf - Daddy's Lambo Music Video Behind The Scenes (Official) Hard Knock TV takes you Behind the Scenes for an Exclusive preview of Yelawolf’s new music video for Daddy’s Lambo, which we are told will premiere next week. Yelawolf talks to Nick Huff Barili about the concept behind the video and the inspiration behind the song. Along with checking out Yela’s thespian skills, there is plenty of eye candy in the form of hot girls (Kristen? Bitting) and lambos. Make sure to subscribe to to get our latest videos including part two of our interview with Yelawolf, where he calls out Rob Dyrdek, explains rotisserie Jesus, WG’s and Slumerican.

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  • Agusmegaman  says:

    I? agree iOwenb

  • Owen Battaglia  says:

    Love how you take pride in the? work you put in ur vids. Nice Job.

  • calle34able  says:

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  • LakoonPlay  says:

    Nice? as usual, btw you seem a little short on the video…

  • pandaman434  says:

    suuubbbbeeedd! nice? vids

  • hotvampire1992  says:

    u r cute..:)?

  • theiphonegirl1  says:


  • MrDanINSANE  says:

    Awesome new format, I love it? !
    You should do more like this.

    Keep up the awesome job 🙂

  • iPhone44iphone4  says:

    Great Video i love the hard? work you put in to all of your videos they all really rock and i subbed your awesome

  • iPhone44iphone4  says:

    Great? Review too Elle:)

  • iPhone44iphone4  says:

    The style? rocks! I also love the music in the background:)

  • camcamey  says:

    i love? ur face

  • webkinzworld08  says:

    Love the new style, your currently my favorite tech? reviewer.

  • TomDoesTechReviews  says:

    Great video, loving? the style! 🙂

  • Evanz111  says:


  • LandOfTech  says:

    that looks like a fun game! oh and i love? the new video style.

  • Snikkerdoodle57  says:

    How does this even have? likes?

  • djcasestudies  says:

    be strong! and? never give up!

  • StereoDrop7  says:

    Yelawolf would be better if he staid? at prison and didn’t sang his shitty musics

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  • Zayne Graves  says:

    Somebody? called?

  • Anderson Contreras  says:

    They? Have To Put This Song on GTA V, its perfect for street racing or cruising with a bitch!

  • Jitesh Gour  says:

  • Parker Dunn  says:

    Love the knew shady 2.0? boys

  • jerreddowns  says:

    He’s? baked

  • mitchell parrill  says:

    dude i? can find it every time like its even in my seggestions right now

  • hardcore69me  says:

    i fucking? did and this shit cam up

  • mitchell parrill  says:

    dude juss search daddys lambo music video

  • hardcore69me  says:

    Where the fuck is the actual music video!!!?

  • Haley Bugg  says:

    @skidoo879 Kristen Bitting from big? brother 12

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    Wrong. ?

  • timcrow420  says:

    I just cant get into him, I try, just doesnt? happen

  • princess8967  says:

    what does that have to do? with what he just said -.-

  • YoungKrushTV  says:

    Id Agree With Yuh But He Is NOT a Black. Nigga Is a Hood Version Of Negro Which Is Used For & By? Black People. Thats Y He Never Say “Nigga In His Musics.

  • Yelow Wolf  says:

    lol fck yo couch? nigga! hahaha dave chappelle

  • Yelow Wolf  says:

    why do you have to turn everything into a race matter!? when the guy said he is one of the realest niggas it doesnt literally means? he is white

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