A Fortnight in Morocco

I took a two-week journey through Morocco in December 2007. This video is my first attempts to edit the footage I had brought home. The background song is called “Ja Vidi” by Christophe Goze and can be found on the Arabic Chillout CD by Buddha Lounge.
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18 comments to A Fortnight in Morocco

  • macaio1  says:

    Beautiful music and country!? Thank you for sharing!

  • blacksoulxl  says:


  • mimid7166  says:

    The very way to? describe my beloved country M orocco. A well done clip.

  • deabeleza  says:

    estive no Marrocos em 2008,adorei conhecer Casa Blanca,Rabat e Sala? Colônia,se Deus quiser breve voltarei para curtir melhor o país.Adorei o pouco que vi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amstardammed  says:


  • spandexcaton  says:

    Qum dem yzberok tchoi huluchmai? zo kopu aaruu r osjjui hem fraxjjk

  • yoginii717  says:

    So beautiful!!?

  • amiraklimt  says:

    Que de recuerdos…!!!!?

  • uaerosette  says:

    RAW3A .. LOV(UA)E?

  • noorhanane  says:

    proud to be moroccan :))) it s indeed such a? beautifull country i swear, mix of colors, tastes….hmmmm…hanane from Paris

  • hornyvolcano  says:

    simply beautiful!!?

  • thecinco555  says:

    lovely? amazing journey

  • thecinco555  says:

    lovely.. all that in 2? weeks beautiful

  • 95725  says:

    this? video is great.thanks

  • 95725  says:

    This video? is great.Would like to go there too.

  • SpongebobsHotLover  says:

    Beautiful pictures and song… I? love this!

  • vixyvita25  says:

    I really want to go to Morocco it? looks amazing! great video x

  • z88xx  says:

    Ja Vidi by? Christophe Goze

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