1-Hour Epic Music | Two Steps From Hell Vol. 3

1-Hour Epic Music | Two Steps From Hell Vol. 3 List: 0:22 Exodus 3:47 Frozen Paths 5:58 Freedom Fighters (No Choir) 8:23 Dark Harbor 11:44 Unfolding Armies (Orchestral) 13:21 Fatal Fury 16:17 A Growing Feeling 18:25 Lux Aeterna 21:47 Is It Dead 23:50 Ocean Princess 26:40 Final Corridor 28:20 Clash of Empires 31:31 Protectors of the Earth 34:16 Rada 38:37 Dark Ages 41:53 Elementum 44:40 Hot Cargo 46:28 Disappear 49:22 Hurt 51:02 Flameheart 52:43 Front Line 54:07 Road To Revelation 56:05 The Truth Unravels 57:59 Atlantis Intro Song: White Witch From Album Legend (2008) (Choir) – www.youtube.com (No Choir) – www.youtube.com If you want to listen to these songs separately, they are already uploaded on this channel and on www.youtube.com channel. Main Image source is wallbase.cc Official: www.twostepsfromhell.com Amazon: www.amazon.com iTunes: itunes.apple.com CD Baby: www.cdbaby.com Facebook: www.facebook.com TJB’s Blog: nemesis2.wordpress.com 1-Hour Epic Music Playlist: www.youtube.com Two Steps From Hell Vol. 1 – www.youtube.com Two Steps From Hell Vol. 2 – www.youtube.com Epic Score Vol. 1 – www.youtube.com Audiomachine Vol. 1 – www.youtube.com Note: Songs are randomly chosen from my video list. I’m neither the creator of this Music nor the Images, If you know the original Image artist please feel free to send a message with Info, I’ll gladly put it up in description. Make sure you support these bands by either licensing from their official website or by purchasing through

Emmanuel Kelly FULL including judges comments – Sings, Imagine from John Lennon. The song everyone is asking about is -kings and queens , 30 seconds to mars Final 12 boot camp www.youtube.com Audition 2 of boot camp www.youtube.com English Closed Captions added, the timing may be a bit off but I did the best I could. Press the CC on the bottom right of the video
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35 comments to 1-Hour Epic Music | Two Steps From Hell Vol. 3

  • Luis Sanchez  says:

    technically? a pun

  • wesam jalal  says:


  • kensei010  says:

    87? people waiting for the lyrics

  • Zery7h  says:

    best part? starts @ 23:50 !!!!!

  • Zery7h  says:

    jenovah-art.deviantart? com/art/Payoff-214576589?

  • rizzynolweno  says:

    Not gonna? lie, got a bit excited at 31:31

  • rza rzayev  says:

    suherrr ))?

  • 1977jaqb  says:

    Lux Aeterna starts at? 00:18:24. What is the picture’s name or artist? Anyone knows?
    Please help.

  • TheDelta115  says:

    Can anyone tell me where the pictures came from? At least the ones you know, coming from a video game, drawn picture,? movie etc. The only ones I recognize are Dark Harbor and Hot Cargo from Halo: Reach πŸ˜›

  • Ian McCaffery  says:

    me too i do this every time?

  • Ian McCaffery  says:

    me? too

  • Chushingura Sanctuary  says:

    0:34:25 omg…. the? few the proud…

  • M1A2HeavyMetal  says:


  • M1A2HeavyMetal  says:

    Whats the? intro song?

  • GXV3  says:

    now i? am ready……TO DO MY HOMEWORK!

  • SupaDrako  says:

    Tell me where you got? all your backgrounds from

  • SupaDrako  says:


  • SupaDrako  says:

    Aye, its a great way? to make it seem like the stuff you are doing actually has an impact on your life.

  • YinsShadow  says:

    We hold these truths to be? self-epic.

  • hyperdude144  says:

    LOL? np πŸ˜€

  • RevanSTARKiller47  says:

    I’ve? been doing the exact same thing for the past 5 hours! πŸ™‚

  • Kani TourΓ©  says:

    awww thats? so inspiring i just cry so much all my respect for him <3

  • Julian Rebenstorf  says:

    I respect? him… I really respect him!!

    p3ace dude.

  • jass amour  says:

    and the world will live as? one…

  • Sobat nongklek aza  says:

    angel? from heaven

  • Andy christensen  says:

    doesnt even? sound good.

  • sintia1192  says:

    Thats? sad real sad ..

  • sintia1192  says:

    I hate the dislike ? …sign

  • livlifbyadrop  says:

    Thumbs up!

    Wow, there’s people that responded with a thumbs down…shame on? you

  • Lance Chuah  says:

    Brought tears to my eyes.? His mother is an angel sent down from Heaven, no doubt:)

  • Jean Burgin  says:

    Absolutely stunning. Makes you ashamed of your petty problems. God bless Emanuel and his? family.

  • beautyjzam  says:

    we worry? so many things in life but we forgot one thing… which is to be thankful of what we have… Emmanuel is awesome! he makes me cry…. he is such an inspiration… πŸ™‚

  • 1223reece  says:

    I mean black hawk down?

  • 1223reece  says:

    The tune when he was talking was from black? heart and I nearly cried at this video

  • sk4life313  says:

    She? cheated*

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