WWE RAW 2/6/12 review: Chris Jericho speaks out on CM Punk, Triple H vs. Undertaker CANCELLED?

WWE RAW 2/6/12 review: Triple H denies Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Kane vs. John Cena at Elimination Chamber is now an Ambulance match, Chris Jericho wins a Six Pack Challenge, and more! RECAP: Triple H addressed Undertaker’s Wrestlemania 28 challenge by saying that he’s not the same Undertaker from years ago. After explaining this, in addition to how John Laurinaitis is trying to get rehired as General Manager, a promo for the Undertaker plays on the titantron. Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan via countout. AJ almost got hit by Big Show again after Daniel Bryan moved out of the way. He continued to act as if Big Show is doing this on purpose and claims that he’ll retain the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber. “55 days away” Wrestlemania 28 promo, featuring “Turn Me On” by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj Elimination Chamber promo, with facts about champions losing their titles within the match David Otunga comes out to pray for John Laurinaitis getting another chance as general manager, and begins “Tebowing” on the canvas before it’s announced that he has a match. Sheamus defeated David Otunga with a Brogue Kick Chris Jericho claims that he’s the best in the world at everything he does (except at music, Fozzy is terrible) and how everybody today is copying him. CM Punk is apparently the biggest offender, by copying the “Best in the World” tagline. CM Punk enters the ring and raises the WWE Championship in the air. After offering Jericho a “free shot” that

14 comments to WWE RAW 2/6/12 review: Chris Jericho speaks out on CM Punk, Triple H vs. Undertaker CANCELLED?

  • Warlyston Ribeiro  says:

    Undertaker vs Kane vs Triple? H

  • Warlyston Ribeiro  says:


  • SteroidBoy123  says:

    Taker? vs Sheamus

  • diondree  says:

    lollollol @ kane’s? $2 weave

  • elli0ttherbert  says:

    Another great vid! Im super pumped for HBK to? return next Monday

  • MartyrNinetyfour  says:

    I want Taker vs Mcintyre!?

  • MattZwweShow  says:

    Good Video.?

  • dbzkleeters  says:

    I hope the ambulance match will end this feud but it won’t be like the ambulance match in ’03 with Kane and Shane ‘Omac (a great match) I predict Kane will win cena turning somewhat heel to face the rock? at WM 28

  • xValidExcusex  says:

    I mean it seems the majority of the faces? are always wearing a gold orange color and Beth and others wearing blue teal…

  • zebracrunk  says:

    That guy is a butthurt Onision fan who sends me nasty messages for seemingly no reason. He does that to? a lot of people, trying to get a reaction.

  • zebracrunk  says:

    Do? you mean by Black/White/Mexican?

  • zebracrunk  says:

    The crowd seemed dead all night. With the exception of buzz words such as “Undertaker”, they didn’t bother to show much? appreciation.

  • zebracrunk  says:

    The Rock vs. John Cena is the only one I can call for right now. I need a few weeks to look at what else is? being shaped.

  • zebracrunk  says:

    What’s? that for?

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