Would North Africa be a fun honeymoon?

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by Omad

Question by turq: Would North Africa be a fun honeymoon?
I am thinking of choosing North Africa for my honeymoon. For culture, experience, wildlife and adventure!
What do you think?

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Answer by Peeyush
Well you don’t have much options in North Africa….

But still Egypt can be exceptionally great and fun honeymoon destination..

Go ahead with Egypt plans….. BEST OF LUCK…… ! ! !

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  • pRiNcEsSa_M  says:

    when I think of north africa I think of marocco not egypt, egypt is in the east both are good options I had my 1st honeymoon in marrakesh in marocco its very beautifull and they have snake charmers and monkeys their they have some very romantic hotels one that winston churchhill stayed in am sorry I can’t remember the name but the gardens their are soo pretty and they have horse drawn carriages and the food is one of the best in the world! egypt is a good place to I am living their now and sharm el sheik ohh and alexandria are so beutifull their are both on the sea and with egypt you have the best of both because you can see cairo and the pyramids and then travel to alex to the sea where I think you will have a very memorable honeymoon I am going to alex in the winter as I just remarried and will spend my honeymoon their, as it is too hot now I advise the ideal time to visit either area is in the winter from november on to march you will be more comfortable and the nights are chilly but the days are good for traveling or just lounging around I left both these sites for further info on both and if u choose marocco go to the “maroccan bath’ it a place where for about 50 cents u can take a bucket and sponge and their are about 5 rooms each getting hotter dont miss this when u come out of their u will be soo clean like never in ur life! and the tea is very good! well any more questions just mail me ill be more then happy to help u in any way I can ! best of luck in ur new married life! ry

  • Galactic Emperor  says:

    North Africa or Northern Africa is the northernmost region of the African continent, linked by the Sahara to Sub-Saharan Africa. Geopolitically, the UN definition of Northern Africa includes the following seven countries or territories; Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara.

    The Spanish plazas de soberanĂ­a (exclaves) are on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by Morocco on land.

    The Spanish Canary Islands and Portuguese Madeira Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean are northwest of the African mainland and sometimes included in this region.

    Geographically, Mauritania and more rarely the Azores are sometimes included. There are also other older names for certain locations in North Africa that have been changed since ancient times.

    The Maghreb includes Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. The disputed territory Western Sahara (under Moroccan control) is generally included on the same basis as Mauritania. North Africa generally is often included in common definitions of the Middle East, as both regions make up the Arab World. In addition, the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt is part of Asia, making Egypt a transcontinental country.

    The distinction between Northern Africa and the rest of Africa is historically significant because of the effective barrier created by the Sahara. Throughout history this barrier has culturally separated the North from the rest of Africa and, as the seafaring civilizations of the Phoenecians, Greeks, Romans and others facilitated communication and migration across the Mediterranean, the cultures of North Africa became much more closely tied to Southwestern Asia and Europe than Sub-Saharan Africa.

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