Working Together for Africa’s Waters

Africa’s international river basins are home to nearly 500 million people, or 65 percent of Africa’s total population. Managing these important resources is …
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HIV in Africa

This video is to inform people on information about the effect of HIV and AIDS in Africa, the focus is on how it effects women. Pictures, information and vid…
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4 comments to Working Together for Africa’s Waters

  • Bb Smith  says:

    i used this in my persuasive speech essay. Great video!!

  • Manka Matei  says:

    Mungu tunusuru nahili janga pia uwatie moyo sisi sote tuwasaidi ndugu zetu
    walionaupungufu wakinga kama umeguswa na video hii basi chukua ata dakika
    moja kuwa ombea dua.

  • hennaz24  says:

    whoever made this must have a beautiful heart!!! thumbs up 4 sure x x xx

  • Mark Rogers  says:

    If money wasn’t an issue I wonder if this sort of problem would exist
    anywhere in the world.

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