What is John Casablanca Modeling school/program like?

Question by sd: What is John Casablanca Modeling school/program like?
Is it expenisve, how do you get in, is it worth it, do you actually become succesful, if not what modeling/acting agency has given you your big break?

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Answer by jazemodeling2001
Great question!

Casablanca’s, Barbizon, JRP and any of the other Modeling schools are just that – a school.

These places have open calls (sometimes they just get your number somehow and call you or send you something in the mail). They’ll charge you thousands of dollars for training and photos.

Here’s the thing – they’re business is training, that’s what they do. And when you spend your entire week trying to get model hopefulls to buy classes it doesn’t leave alot of time to book work for the models. See where I’m going?

I’ve been in this business for over 8 years and I have yet to meet a model who did the school thing and felt the overly inflated prices they paid were worth it. And none of them got any work from the school they enrolled in.

If you want to get into modeling and your serious about it then I would encourage you to work with people who are serious about developing your talent – not just interested in your checkbook. I great place to visit would be OneModelPlace.com – it’s a huge online community. You can network, find photographers to worth with (many of which will help you build a portfolio for free) and depending on where in the country you are you might even find some work there. Best of all, for models, OMP is free to join. As with anything on the Internet, DO YOUR RESEARCH before working with anyone. Check references and always bring an escort with you to any shoot.

if you have other questions feel free to contact me. Good Luck!

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