What foods can I take with me on my plane flight to Morocco?

Question by Kaloni: What foods can I take with me on my plane flight to Morocco?
Hello, I was wondering about the kinds of Food items I can take with me on a plane to visit Morocco? The food is a little different there, so, I would like to have some of my own.


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Answer by lordsofdogtown
none…your not allowed to take food on planes

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  • zelo  says:

    From the US to Morocco you are not allowed to take food on the plane with you. If you put it in your luggage (you are taking food to someone) then it is OK.


  • Patti  says:

    You can take a whole carry-on of dry foods to Morocco, no one will stop you, anything with liquids has to be 3 ounces or less and fit in one quart-size ziploc baggie. If you want to take foods with you in your checked baggage, make sure it isn’t anything breakable (glass jars for example) or perishable. I usually take some beef jerky and assorted nuts in my bag or purse, some chocolate and other candies and no one ever says anything in customs. I have brought glass bottles of maple syrup and honey as well, packing them carefully with bubble wrap and then putting them securely in plastic containers with lids, but that is risky. There are some large grocery stores in the big cities, Marjane, Aswak Asalam, and others and they carry a lot of assorted groceries…but not near the variety we have in the U.S.

  • ? terry g ?  says:

    I took a lot of different things with me. In my suitcase I had BBQ sauce, spices, maple syrup, cookies and several kinds of candy. In my carry-on I had many small snacks because I am diabetic and I need to travel with emergency foods all the time. I could NOT take beverages on the plane with me. Fruits, vegetables, meats and cheese are generally forbidden in any luggage.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the food. It’s fresh and SOOOO much healthier than what we eat in the US. Also, you can find some American foods in larger supermarkets in Morocco.

  • indigo  says:

    Don’t worry about the food unless you are a vegetarian like me.I took crackers, nuts,granola bars etc .you will find good food there plus big cities like Casablanca you will find all the American chain restaurant.There fresh juice is very good.There caucus is not bad.I hope you will visit Marrakesh.Its a very nice place. Good Luck !!!!!!!!

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