What do you put for training in your acting resume?

Question by Ariana: What do you put for training in your acting resume?
I’m 13. I went to a school called John Casablancas (not an agency) I’m taking drama classes and choir at my school and I’ve been in a school play since 2nd grade but I don’t know the title and I forgot who directed it. I’ve been in a school musical since preschool but I forgot the the title and who directed it. My school is about to have a school play. I don’t have much experience. I’m editing my resume because I feel like I need to put more things and I don’t want to leave some of them blank.

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Answer by theatrelover
John Casablancas is your training haha put that down in training and then put down stuff like in the marching band or class president or whatever you do. But whatever you put down DO NOT lie. That will blow up in your face eventually! I always put down other stuff that just shows I have leadership and dedication other than just my shows I’ve been in.

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  • R K  says:

    until you have done some actual acting work,other than extra work,you don’t have a resume.you don’t need to submit a resume for a school play.

  • Cogito  says:

    Sorry, but at the moment you have nothing to put on a resume at all.
    Casablancas is a well-known scam – if you put that on a resume people will just laugh.
    Also, school stuff doesn’t really count.

    Wait until you’ve been attending a good, accredited acting school for a couple of years and they tell you that you’re making excellent progress. Then get involved in community theatre or a good local drama group to get experience – after a while you should start getting leading roles – if you’re talented enough!

    That’s when you should start making a resume – when you have impressive stuff to put on it.

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