What are some really popular movies that you have never seen?

Question by Waffle: What are some really popular movies that you have never seen?
Mine would be The Lord of the Rings series, The Godfather series, Gone With The Wind, Pulp Fiction, Scarface, Schindler’s List…

I have seen the Harry Potter series, Casablanca, Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Star Wars series, The Matrix series, Jurassic Park series, Shawshank Redemption, X-Men series and most of them were great. People are missing out.

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Answer by Chelsea
I haven’t seen any that you listed above that you haven’t seen.
So much in common. xD

Never seen Mary Poppins. Or the Matrix.

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  • Sunil  says:

    All the movies that u mentioned………….plus sme other like Shooter, italian Job, bank job, XXX, fast and the ferious etc etc…..

  • weetziebatgurl  says:

    the Matrix

    Big hollywood movies usually suck anyways
    independent films are where it is

  • Erin W  says:

    Lord of the rings

    the sound of music

    Mary Poppins

  • TIGER 221  says:


  • Wolverine  says:

    Wow! You are missing a lot of great movie stuffs. I suggest you start watching those movies and I guarantee you that you will love most of them. As to your list only Casablanca is the one that I haven’t seen.

  • Ella  says:

    I haven’t seen the Godfather, Gone with the Wind, Pulp Fiction, Scarface or Schindler’s List either.

    Nor have I seen any Marx Brothers movies, Pearl Harbor, The Hustler, Gandhi, Jerry Maguire, Ghost, Dirty Dancing, The Breakfast Club, An Officer and a Gentleman, Home Alone (all the way through), Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Dr Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange, or Karate Kid II.

    I’ve seen Harry Potter series, Casablanca (twice), Titanic, Star Wars (mostly asleep), Matrix, Jurassic Park, Shawshank Redemption and X-Men. Plus loads of other good stuff.

  • earthwaterfireairsky  says:

    1) The Lord of the Rings-Return of the King

    2) Harry Potter-Half Blood Prince

    3) Transformers-part 2

    4) Hangover

    4) Ben-Hur

    5) Schindler’s List

  • Tania  says:

    The Harry Potter movie

    The Lord of the Rings series


    Transformers 2

  • Usef A  says:

    Casablanca, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Crank, X-Men wolverine, and all of yours except for the LOTR series.

    Pretty much anything that’s too popular. I find that movies that are less popular usually turn out to be so much better than all the mainstream ones.

  • Janella  says:

    Me, i haven’t watched the full harry potter series but few of it, ironman

  • Youseffishey  says:


    harry potter

  • Basugaadu  says:

    The complete H.P. series aren’t covered up. X men, wolverine and few other series were witnessed by me. I prefer more popular movies and if time permits I may watch.. but baffle it appears u r a free bird with lot of spare time to spend.. can u lend some precious time to basu plz. basu

  • Fastermaster  says:

    There are few, but ..

    I have never seen Rocky. Never seen any of them.
    Jaws. Never seen any movie all the way through.

    That might not seem like a big deal, but I grew up in that era, and everybody. I mean everybody saw them in the theater or on TV. I think that these kind of win the prize because they were really big and it has been a long time.

  • Jamal  says:

    I have never seen It’s a Beautiful Life

  • Punk K  says:

    Harry Potter series

    Cheers 🙂

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