Walking through the medina to my riyad (hotel)

A (shaky) POV of me walking through the medina in Marrakech. No single picture could capture what it’s like to walk through the medina, so I took a covert video (I don’t mean to offend anyone, just thought my friends would find it interesting to see the scooters and donkey carts etc) Key moments: 1:22 – First muezzin call to prayer starts, and others follow through the rest of the vid 2:37 – I’m approached by a faux guide. He was the guy in front of me who waved me to the right. You can hear him ask me “Where are you from…” 2:57 – I get hit from behind by a scooter. Sorry you can’t see the mark it left on my right calf. All you see is the camera shake and hear me make a funny noise. 3:09 – Faux guide curses me out (tough to hear) End- I had a bit of trouble getting my key to work for the hotel door.

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