Visiting Pefki Beach during Rhodes Holidays

Visiting Pefki Beach during Rhodes Holidays

One of the most visited beaches for Rhodes Holidays is the Pefki beach. Pefki in Greek language means pine trees. The beach has many stunning tall pine trees. It is located five kilometers away from Lindos and forty five kilometer away from Rhodes town, which makes it easily accessible from anywhere on the island.

The amazing sandy beach of Pefki is well developed. There are many cafes, resorts, bars, restaurants, mini markets and pharmacy located near the beach.

The stunning pine trees stand over the buildings and add to the beauty of the beach. The pleasant weather, welcoming local people, relaxing atmosphere and the fun activities make Pefki beach a must visit for Rhodes Holidays.

Ideal Vacations on Pefki Beach

While on vacation, if you find more than one resort near to each other then the enjoyment and charm of vacations become double. Since, the Pefki beach is very much near to Lindos so during the Rhodes holidays you have more than a few choices for housing and lodging. And yes off course for the entertainment and eating purposes also, you can go either Lindos or enjoy at Pefki. Transportation is readily available and you can easily move between Pefki and Lindos via car, taxi or motorbike.


Spending the vacations on Pefki beach is the perfect Rhodes holidays ideas as you will have so many things to do on its perfect location. For having meals or drinks, you can easily find many of the restaurants, cafes and bars. One must not forget to eat the special seafood there. Also you can easily find such places where there are both stay and dine in facilities. Almost every hotel has the opportunity of dine in so you do not need to worry about the food during Rhodes holidays.

Sand and Water:

Pefki beach has nice and excellent sand with the blue and clean sea water. The beach is satisfactorily controlled for the tourists all around the world.

Beach Activities:

The wonderful Pefki beach offer many activities to its visitors, throughout the year. In all those activities swimming is on the top of the list. Tourist who wants some tan during the Rhodes holidays, Pefki beach is just right for them; as they also offer sun beds and umbrellas for sunbathe. In addition to above mentioned activities, Pefki beach has many sea sports to play thus offering you great stuff for killing boredom while away from home.

Soothing Atmosphere:

The climate and pleasant surrounding makes the atmosphere of Pefki beach soothing. If you are looking for peace of mind then Pefki beach is the best place for Rhodes holidays as it is never really crowded and full. The scenic beauty of the beach, soft sand, clear water and tall pine trees make the atmosphere very calm and comfy. One can also go to the luxurious hotels and deluxe spas on the island. You can have a relaxing therapy or massage that will completely sooth and refresh the mind and body.

Health Services:

With a clean fresh environment, health problems are rare in Rhodes Holidays but in case of any health problem, there is a small pharmacy and medical service providers in the area.

If looking for Hotel Rhodes for your stay on the Island Rhodes, you can take help from a local travel agency that will provide complete information and guidance for Rhodes Holidays.

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